Education Is The Key To Changing Life Styles

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Narration essay by Marie Price 3 February 2009 for Engliish 1AMarie Price06 February 2009 I was once a young mother in an abusive marriage, uneducated, sacred, and wondering “Is this life has in store me?” I learned the hard way that no matter what mistakes I make in my life, with support of family and friends, I was able to choose a better life style through higher education and dedication.At the age of sixteen I got married and had a child. I heard the saying over, and again “Just babies having babies.” You could not convince me of that back then. As I look back now it was not one of my better choices. I had married a man who was a lot older than me, so therefore I just knew I was all grown up. My mother was not happy to say the least and a shouting match lasted for a few days. I told her if she did not sign the papers I would run away, do it anyway and she would never see me again. So against her better judgment she signed the papers. The first couple of years were good, but then it got abusive verbally as well as physical. Physical abuse is obvious black eyes, and bruises hidden behind sun glasses, and makeup. When there is verbal abuse you are told nobody will ever want you, and that you are to dumb to ever do any thing on your own, or you will never amount to anything. The funny thing about that is after a while for some reason you begin to believe it. After ten years of this, I finally divorced.I was scared and thought I was not going to be able to make it on my own. With a young daughter to support, I took my first step in many to come in my life’s journey, working two jobs to keep a roof over our heads, and it was not easy to make ends meet. I never went to high school; so I believed it was my destiny to struggle for the rest of my life. As a single young parent trying to be the best mother I could be, always at work I missed a lot of time with my daughter, time I wish now I had to do over again. It is 1998 I decided to take my GED test telling myself “You will not be to pass this test you never went to school.” Well I gathered all my will and took the test anyway; I remember waiting for t he results it was sheer touchier. Then came one of the best days of my life I passed the test. That was the first step in many to happiness that I am still working on to this day.In 1999 while at work at the warehouse I was employed at I met a man named Carlos, who to this day is a big part of my life. He is an educated man who is very well spoken, with lots of great advice. He and I became friends, and talked a lot about peoples choices in life. Carlos is a very wise man with a heart of gold. Trough our many talks I learned a person could do what ever they first, set there minds to and second, have the drive to want to better themselves. He seen something in me that I did not see in myself, the ability to go further in life, I ended up leaving that job for employment in Orange County as a credit processor. Thinking...

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