Education Is The Pathway To Success

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Education gives us the ability to change our life by opening successful pathways. Education provides us a better future because learning new things and majoring in things that we like could give us better opportunity. Education is the right pathway to a better life because it gives us knowledge that would help us in the future. Education should be prioritized over issues because education is always important. Education is a very important need in our lives because people are able to achieve and strive for a better life style.
When I was younger, my parents would always tell me to do good in school and I never understood what that really meant. As I ...view middle of the document...

My uncle told me that I should never giveup on education because education is what gives me the right path to a successful future. As I was listening to his words, I then realized that I liked computers and I wanted to learn something new in college which was Computer Science. I found out that if I learn computer science in college I could become successful and create my own program that would help others too with their problems.
To this day I’m really proud of my parents for giving me the opportunity to be in America to obtain the free education I got through elementary and high school and now I’m in college guiding myself to the right path so that I could be successful like my uncle. My uncle has always been the positive influence to me because he had demonstrated to me that he was a hard worker ever since he moved to America to pursue his career as an IT worker. My uncles job is to fix other peoples technology over the phone if they don’t understand it he comes over there house to help them out. If it was not for education to be successful I would have not gone to college in the first place. College is where I prepare myself for the future ahead of me on what I want to do when I grow older. I realized that with programming skills I learn from college I could create successful websites that could help others in needs. For example, Mark Zuckerberg the CEO of Facebook is very successful in life
because he learned program at home and in school which had lead him to success in life. Although, he did not complete his whole years of college he was still successful in life after dropping out of Harvard due to the knowledge...

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