Education Is Vital For Sustaining Goverment Equilibrium

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A coup or a military takeover of a government plays a major role in the downfall for a country’s economy, resulting in thousands of deaths, puts the country behind in education, and most importantly takes away the rights of the citizens, and positions them to live in horrible situations. Citizens make up the country and therefore should have a vote for how it will be ran, however in a coup the citizens are not to vote or even protest. In my opinion the worst thing that could happen to a country is to have a coup, because life at the time of coup is very harsh; soldiers take control of almost all of the places, markets, hospitals, schools, radio stations, government buildings, and kills whoever they think are problem to them. The saddest part of it is that, when all of these occur the citizens can only sit and watch, for they can’t protest or they will be punished brutally. Turkey in the year of 1980 had a military coup which resulted in great damages, which are still being fixed by the new government, in the leadership of AK Party.
Military Coup in Turkey was horrible for the economy, in which government lost most of it is treasures, lead to the death of thousands of innocent people, and came up with laws that were crucial and were against the majority of the population which were Muslims. In order to prevent or to lover the risks of a military coup, a country should educate the people, allow them to openly express their religion, and offer the citizens substantial jobs.
On September 12, 1980 the newly elected government of Suleyman Demirel was overthrown, by a military coup led by Kenan Evren. The coup made the population of Turkey into separate sections, known as the right-wings and the left-wings. The coup was welcomed by the population of Turkey, because of the earlier years of economic and political torpidity. The military coup continued for the following 3 years and at first the majority of the population seemed happy about it, for they thought it would give them better life opportunities. The population of Turkey thought the military was sincere in their desire to prevent civil war and defend the Kemalist republic. The coup was a reply to the unstable, weak, and newly elected government, for they seemed helpless to cure the country’s problems. However after the coup the extremist on both sides attempt to torture and at times murdered people on the opposite wing. A close friend and a teacher of mine from Turkey, Mr. Yesilyurt, explained the period of the coup to me, “I was a small kid at the time and my two uncles were on the opposite wings. My right wing uncle would come and buy chocolates for me and my friends and would tell us to go to the streets and yell “LIVE LONG RIGHT WING” or something that would insult the left wing. On the other hand my left wing uncle would give us some money to go to the streets and yell out, “LIVE LONG LEFT WING”, and we would do it just for the fun of it, unknowing what we were doing or why we were doing...

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