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When was the last time the government gave you something for free? Free education sounds like a wonderful gift. Everyone does deserve to have an opportunity to receive higher education. Unfortunately, nothing in life is free. The government should NOT pay for two years of college for every U.S. citizen. There are many different possibilities for the outcome of free education, very few of which would actually benefit us. The different outcomes of this decision are what we should all consider while discussing this argument.
Everyone pays taxes which are put toward certain luxuries that the government “gives” us, Such as, Medicaid, social security, etc. However, how many of us that pay for ...view middle of the document...

This would result in no one having any financial help with their tuition. The point being, The students who come from poor families and may not have the resources they need to work for it, are assisted by financial aid. Why would we change that and give everyone free education if some are well and able to afford it on their own? If every student was offered free education, the students who don’t have as much desire to earn their degree would be tempted to go to college just because they can. Since they didn’t have to earn it and it was never their ultimate desire in the first place, they wouldn’t appreciate it. In turn, they would not excel and possibly not even finish school. According to Cusumano, “Prices are signals of value. Free may send a signal to the world that what you are offering costs little or may not be worth paying for” (27).
The U.S. government paying for every U.S. citizens first two years of college would have a much bigger, negative impact on society in the long run, than just the burden on tax payers and the likeliness of students to not succeed. Working for what you have makes you a more responsible...

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