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Education Is Not Just In The Classroom

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  As a teacher, my goal is not to bring the world to the children, but to show them how they can achieve what the world has to offer. To show them that they can do many wonderful things on their own, but it is also okay to ask for help when they need it. My teaching style is that of an art teacher; colorful, hands-on, open to new ideas and changes. My philosophy is a good teacher is one who can not only teach, but also understands her students' needs. A great teacher is one who teaches, understands and listens. Excellent teachers can teach, understands and is willing to admit they are wrong and also willing to learn from their students. You only get one chance to make a lasting impression on a child, show them that you not only care but also shows value and interest in what they think makes you an excellent teacher.
  As teachers we have to remember that students have their own lives and activities when they leave school. It is not just that they are spending more than half their day with us, but that with each passing hour students are learning how to deal with new things and situation. Not matter how strong our routine is throughout the day, no two day are alike; meaning one day you could have a student that is having a good day but a bad day the for the rest of the week. It is our job as teachers to help students understand how to act and do certain things in society. We are their second line of defense when it comes to certain things and we may be in the most stable environment some of the time.
  The student, parent and teacher are short phrases to describe my beliefs about teaching and learning. A teacher can teach a student many things in life, however if the parents are not actively involved at some point during their child’s education process, progress will be lost over time. I have seen firsthand the difference between children whose parents are overly involved, those who are actively involved to the right extent and that those who do not have the extra time to be involved. A child will always have many teachers throughout life, but when a parent takes the time to be involved as one of those teachers many great things can happen. Students are always viewed as children with the potential to do anything. The way I see it, the potential is not all they have. They have the power to go beyond what fate has laid out for them, as long as they have a choice in where to use their potential. Therefore when these students are given the support of their teachers, parents and community they are able to go even further than before.
  The type of environment I hope to create in my classroom is a community. Whether, it is international or democratic. Being a teacher is like being the president. You are elected (somewhat) by the people, therefore you must teach for the people, while listening to the ideas of the people. A classroom where expressing different ideas and cultures are welcome: while showing respect for each other. When teaching it is a...

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