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Education Of The Language And Literature

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Education of the Chinese Language and LiteratureAbstract: Higher professional set up in each country, the establishment of a maximum, the establishment of the longest, but it is also composed of professional schools is one of the essential professional Chinese language and literature. It has many advantages, such as basic strength, a wider range of employment and social needs of the various sectors of its relatively stable, and so on. However, in the continuous development of the information society at the same time, China's science and education and also the rapid development of economy and culture, which are gradually changing people's traditional concepts of education and human resources ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, the Chinese language and literature majors in college language and literature to be a solid foundation of knowledge accumulation, but also temperament and literary culture, language skills improved, aesthetic ideas and foster innovative ideas, which are for the graduates embark win welcome social preparation work done. So, from the current Chinese Language and Literature community professionals are starting to have the ability to nurture, cultivate for their courses by way of systems and related improvements and structural adjustment, the overall improvement of Chinese Language and Literature graduates ability to adapt to social development , in order to form their own unique advantages, not only conforms to the actual demand, but also conform to the trend trend.A Chinese Language And Literature Has The Characteristics Of EducationChinese Language and Literature graduate career position is more ambiguous, unlike architectural engineering, accounting and medical specialties as highly targeted and practicality, it is difficult to compare directly with the application type. Chinese language and literature is the traditional humanities disciplines, not only carries the show humanistic spirit of the task, also carries forward and enhance the people's cultural quality of the whole language of the task. Its main content is the foreign culture and its heritage of outstanding learning and heritage, its core content is concerned about the survival and development of human society, the meaning and value, namely the human, national, ethnic, collectives and individuals with their own kind of cognitive and social responsibility. Therefore, the characteristics of their professional education in its breed of graduates mainly worked in personnel-related work on the cultivation of humanistic quality professional health more emphasis; education not directly reflected in the application, but from the social and spiritual human concept choose to take on the impact to be reflected; does not focus directly created, you can calculate the economic benefits, but rather focus on the numerical calculation can not be the creation of social benefits, and so on. At present, social progress and employment situation is getting grim circumstances, the practicality of education has become the pursuit of educational goals. On the Chinese language and literature education is concerned, the appropriate change is necessary, while adhering to tradition while actively with social needs practice.Two Current Chinese Language And Literature Education ProblemsCurriculum problems. Than the general course curriculum, special courses of class time was too low, leading to a professional deep learning shortfalls; secondly, teaching problem exists in the way, practical courses arranged fewer students in professional practice is not strong . Institutional forms of assessment and evaluation issues. Some students on the professional research and to a lack of knowledge, but they are able...

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