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Education On Domestic Violence Essay

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Domestic abuse is a serious issue in our society. Everyday millions of people are abused by ones that are supposedly the individuals that love them the most. According to a recent national survey, one out of eight husbands engage in at least one violent act toward his wife during that year. The issue of domestic abuse is not discussed enough. We need to start out at an early age by educating young children in our schools about domestic abuse. We should not only find ways to raise awareness, but we must also inform these young minds that domestic abuse occurs not only through physical violence but also through other subtle yet just as damaging methods. Violence begins in the early stages of a relationship. In a study of approximately four hundred couples planning to marry, thirty one percent of the men and forty four percent of the women reported that they had been physically aggressive toward their partner a year prior to their marriage. The tension building stage is characterized by the abuser's escalating intimidation, denigration, irritation, and controlling behavior. The abused may respond by withdrawing, placating, cajoling, or provoking the man's inevitable violent outbursts in an effort to control it's timing. These are signs of an abusive relationship. Many people do not even realize that they have been abused. This situation is not uncommon. People are unaware and uneducated about what abuse is. When people think of abuse, they automatically envision physical abuse such as hitting, slapping, pushing, etc. In truth, abuse comes in many shapes and forms. Another form of physical abuse is forcing someone to use drugs or alcohol. The use of drugs and alcohol is damaging and threatening on a human being, and when that is forced upon someone, its' called abuse. Psychological and verbal abuse is another form of extremely...

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1524 words - 6 pages five of these 'effects' of domestic violence on children and show that there is evidence of a clear relationship in which increasing parental violence is associated with increasing outcome risks (Fergusson & Horwood, 1998, p.8). When a child witnesses domestic abuse it can have many different effects on the child. From my research I found that one of the most common effects on the child were mental health problems. In one study, conducted in

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2818 words - 12 pages challenges our gendered comprehension of domestic violence because it cannot be referred to gender difference, the freedom of women, or the private business of family violence. Chris, a young male from New York City, is a smart man with an education, plans and a busy social life. He is identified as a homosexual. He experienced an altercation with a physical and psychological abusive partner who left him broke, mentally and emotionally destroyed

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5819 words - 23 pages two states (Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence Manual, p. B-8). Old English Common Law allowed husbands to beat their wives provided that the stick they used was not thicker than his thumb; hence the phrase "Rule of Thumb"(Heart on a Chain [Video]). Although times have changed in this regard and laws have been enacted in order to protect women from abuse, the fact remains that acts of domestic violence occur every 15 seconds in the

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3029 words - 13 pages transcript data. Themes were then linked and mapped into an initial theoretical model of how domestic violence impacts emotionally on young children. The data gathered shows that domestic violence generates a range of overwhelming negative emotions for young children. Graham-Bermann, Sandra, et al. "Traumatic Events and Maternal Education as Predictors of Verbal Ability for Preschool Children Exposed to Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)." Journal

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1999 words - 8 pages -parent to group therapy, referring children to individual and family therapy, and referring children to evidence-based programs. These four possible solutions will help to increase awareness, protection, and education . Additionally, these solutions will change attitudes towards violence incidents and improve healthy psychosocial adjustment on children (Dodd, 2009). The first solution is safety planning for children who are experiencing domestic