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Education: Physical Education Essay

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Throughout an educational discourse, inclusion is a highly debated subject throughout the curriculum. During the past decade, there have been exceptional levels of funding and resources solely aimed at physical education and school sport within the United Kingdom (UK). The DFE suggests that 57% of children with SEND attend a mainstream school (DfES 2007). Physical Education (PE) has been a rising topic of discussion due to decrease in activity and an increasing level of child obesity within the UK(Coates and Vickerman 2009). There are various implemented strategies such as Physical Education School Sport and Club Links (PESSCL) and Physical Education and Sports Strategy for Young People ...view middle of the document...

Fitzgerald and Stride (2012) indicated that research, which completed globally into inclusive PE has highlighted that there is a rising confusion on how practitioners work towards this (Hodge et al 2009; Obrien, Kudlacek and Howe, 2009). Coates (2012) suggested that physical education teachers have highlighted ‘ needs for more practical experiences working with students with disabilities’ allowing them to progress and ‘prepare for forthcoming and a rise in their knowledge and understanding around inclusive education (Morley et al. 2005; Smith, 2004). Contrastingly, there are various authors ( Fitzgerald 2011; Haylock and Smith 2004) who have suggested that is still a rising debate within PE and how the curriculum can support inclusive education with a forthcoming interest into competition within individual and team sports.

1.2 Inclusive Physical Education within the National Curriculum

Throughout research suggested by the government and incorporated within the Physical Education National Curriculum (NCPE) of 2000, there has been a small yet increasing growing research into how secondary school PE teachers manage inclusion for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) students within PE lessons (Haylock and Smith 2011).
Study conducted by Haylock and Smith (2012) imply that sports and activities being taught within the NCPE are more ‘traditional’ and are more likely to be competitive or team based sports such as football, hockey and netball. Within the same study Haylock and Smith (2012) highlight the aspect that fewer children with SEND that fewer fully participate during lessons due to sports and activities accessible by the NCPE.

Predominantly Fitzgerald (2012) highlighted that within recent policy, programmes and training developments that there is a focus on inclusion, which he has been suggested to be ‘largely accepted as a good thing’ (Fitzgerald 2012) with a possibility of a reduction of negative experiences for students with SEND. The National Curriculum currently has not been encouraging to increase the participation of many young students with SEND within PE lessons. Fitzgerald and Kirk (2009) have also highlighted that competitive and sport team structure within the NCPE, is unsuitable for students whom suggested to be ‘gifted and talented’ and ‘better able’ (Barton 2009; Fitzgerald and Kirk 2009). This is also highlighted by Haylock and Smith (2010) who suggest that students who those with SEND and ‘young disabled people are being taught separately throughout the NCPE’ and quite likely not to have a ‘non-PE specialist teaching assistant’ present.
The government have claimed to have a commitment of improving educational inclusion and the integration of SEND students however this has been linked with reducing opportunities of SEND students to allow them to experience the same ‘broad and balanced’ NCPE other students experience (Vickerman 2007; Haylock and Smith 2011). This highlights that students may not be ‘seen to...

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