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Education Prepares Children For The Future

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I believe that education its very personal journey that varies depending on the . The purpose of education is to prepare the children of today to be productive citizens of our world tomorrow. School serves as an important tool to prepare students to be independent thinkers, to develop skills that will help them in life and in the end to use these skills to be productive in their environment and hopefully change it for the best. Education begins from the moment we are born. From birth to about 6 years of age our brain does most of its development. That’s why it’s extremely important to surround children with a bright environment because this time of their life will most likely define how effective they will be in achieving success in the future. A mile stone in education happens when we began to read. I feel that all children of the world should know how to read and write. Is like Dr. Seuss said “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go.” Education opens new doors and without it we can’t understand each other and will not be able to advance in our society.
I love being an elementary school teacher because that’s where the basic fundamentals of academic education happen. Reading and writing are essential pillars of a successful student and I’ve always know I wanted to be part of that success. I want to be help shape the youth of tomorrow by inculcating in them a love for learning from an early age, that will continue until they have achieve their academic, professional and personal goals. Not all students learn equally, therefore it is of vital that lessons are thought in all the ways students learn. For example if a lesson is only though for the visual learners and little attention is given to the auditory learners than your student’s success will surely suffer. In my experience as a kindergarten teacher I have come to the conclusion that small children learn kinesthetically and they are more likely to be engage in a lesson when the subject is relevant or there is a clear definition as to how this applies to their life right now. They don’t want to know why 2+2= 4 will help them when they have to buy apples at the store, but if 2+2=4 will help them to be able to buy items from the teachers treasure chest then they are in. The teachers treasure chest is more interesting because is happening now. My goal when I teach anything to anyone even if its outside the classroom is for my audience to successfully learn what I intended to teach. I feel success when my students are able to retain the information and most importantly if they can find it relevant to their life. When I’m preparing to teach my students I always try to find a way to engage them in the lesson, anything that will spark their interest in the subject being thought. I feel that if you can’t find something that excites your students, more than likely you are not excited about it yourself. The most effective methods for...

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