Education Reform: A Change For The Better

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In these changing times one of the biggest aspects of society that should be updated on a regular basis is education. Changes in curriculum as well as methods of teaching need to be revised each and every year. With this idea came the idea of the Common Core State Standard which is currently being adopted by forty-four out of fifty states in the United States. This new rework is designed to help better prepare students for college, universities, and the work place. However, not everyone believes this is the right move education should be taking at this moment. Those in support state this is the best decision possible to teach the children of the 21st century. Others say the cause for the decline in the quality of education in the United States stems from other sociological factors not from how the system is currently being worked. Even more are concerned if schools will be ready for this new wave of change. Will Common Core be effective in helping prepare high school graduates for the future? Only time will tell if the Common Core Standards proves effective in further helping students be prepared for the future.
Common Core redefines learning goals in the areas of mathematic, language arts, and literacy. Common Core breaks away from conventional teaching methods with a focus on content to a system that is more focused on teaching skills. This new system also provides a great way for all students across the United States to be on the same educational plane. As Nancy Gardner, an English teacher at Mooresville High School, says in the article The Common Core is a Change for the Better, “Standards shared across geographical lines will help students develop increasingly complex skills regardless of what state, school district, or classroom they are in” (50). If schools nationwide were all teaching students by this standard it would create a flow of educational equality and fairness. One school would not be better than another based on geography alone. If needed students could transition from one school to the next without fear of being behind in the school’s curriculum. Common Core creates versatility in that students would no longer be hindered from learning living in a household that moves from place to place often due to economic hardship, parental employment, or other sociological factors. One problem that this versatility solves is remedial courses. With the academic standard set at nationwide level, chances of a student needing remedial courses drops significantly. Not only does this promote academic fairness, it also saves valuable time that would be better spent furthering a student’s education. The system promotes equality in the quality of furthering the education students will be receiving.
Common Core hopes to better literacy and comprehension in the area of online literacy. In this day and age information is readily available at the fingertips of much of the population. With the invention of the internet, data is easily accessed...

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