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Good evening citizens of Ontario and my esteemed colleagues of the legislature. I am here tonight to inform you about the different forms of education and their influence on our youth of today. This has been a rising issue since the time of Socrates. Socrates was a Greek philosopher who believed that to be truly educated, one must possess certain personal virtues. The issue to be debated today will argue whether education inside of school perseveres education outside of school. In both in school and out of school education, one can learn through personal experiences and through the teaching of others. Therefore, there will be four branches discussed among myself and three other colleagues. Two of us will be discussing a subdivision of in school education, and the other two will each discuss a subdivision of outside of school education.I will be discussing how learning with assistance of others in social situations is more beneficial in regards to our youth of today. The other forms of education are learning with the assistance of others in and school, and learning personally and inside and outside of school.I am a strong believer that the teaching of others is the most influential form of education. The skills and knowledge of people have been dependant on the teachings of previous generations. Even prior to the development of human civilization, the nomadic peoples depended on the oral teaching of others, for example Sacred Tradition. The teaching of others is also a crucial part of growing up in the modern society. The world that we live in today has experienced a quantum leap in technology. Thus, the need for personal teaching of others has become evermore important. The teaching of others can be experienced both in school, and out of school, but I believe the experience outside of school is the most beneficial from of education.One stereotype about the word...

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1319 words - 5 pages Vehicles of FreedomWe have the privilege of living in a free and open society, a society kept afloat on an open sea of oppression by providing and allowing education, freedom of speech, and contraception. Through readily available education we establish a citizenry with the opportunity to communicate clearly and understand each other in ways unavailable to a less educated people. Freedom of speech is a necessary vehicle for navigating the

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1330 words - 5 pages know nothing about life.I am Ryan, and I will be running for the Academic portfolio. The academic portfolio is more than just school grades, OP results and QCS tests. It a portfolio that should include everything we are taught in school. This includes life skills, social skills, and relationship skills. I am here to make the academic portfolio so much more than what it currently is. During this speech I plan to show you how unprepared we are for

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1019 words - 4 pages , the preservation of healthy debate of campus in order to protect the benefits of a liberal education is equally significant. Prohibiting all forms of hate speech, such as general racist comments or potentially offensive groups takes away many benefits of a liberal arts education. By definition, a “liberal education is an education that exposes students to a wide breadth of courses, perspectives, and educational experiences” (What is a Liberal

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1244 words - 5 pages . I believe that censorship of hate speech is necessary to a certain extent, for example hate speech that is violent toward others should be censored because if it is not that we are denying the students that the hate speech is directed toward an equal opportunity to an education. If the students are afraid to go to school that what good is school? What kind of damage does hate speech cause physical and emotional? The physical damage is

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730 words - 3 pages also requires an excellent education and special skills (Careers in Speech-Language NP). I would like to pursue this career because most SLPs work with children that have special needs. These children have a special place in my heart, and I feel like this is a way I can do my part to assist them in having the best life possible. In order to become a speech therapist, one must perform well academically. He or she must focus strongly on arts and

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944 words - 4 pages Lifespan."Knowledge and Skills Needed by Speech-Language Pathologists for Diagnosis, Assessment, and Treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorders Across the Lifespan. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 Apr. 2014. "Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology (2-Year Program).” College of Health & Rehabilitation Sciences: Sargent College. Boston University. "Speech Pathology Education and Training Requirements." Education Portal. N.p., n.d. Web. 03 k Apr. 2014. "What Is the Salary of a Speech Pathologist?" Work. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Apr. 2014.

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1171 words - 5 pages Finding the Right Path INTRODUCTION I have chosen to research about my future. I know that I want to major somewhere in Special education, but I am not sure where. I am going to research becoming a special education teacher and becoming a speech pathologist. Both are right down my path, but I am unsure of which suits me better. I am senior; therefore, this research is critical to the next step of my life. As of right now, I know a little about

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1155 words - 5 pages (16009880) On 18th October 1976, Prime Minister James Callaghan gave a speech at Ruskin College in Oxford. The speech raised questions about accountability, the philosophy of teaching and the purpose of education. It was the first time that a Prime Minister had made a speech that focused almost solely on education. The impact of this speech has in some ways shaped education policy for the last 40 years In the years leading up to the Ruskin

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534 words - 3 pages A speech pathologist can be a part of the referral stage, if the child has a communication disorder. In the “Special Education Process” you tube video by Parent Network it states that, “the committee of special education includes; the child’s parents, Special Ed teachers, regular education teachers and other professionals.” A speech pathologist would be included under the professional and specialist category. My job as a speech pathologist is to

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2317 words - 10 pages right to speech that the listener disagrees with and to speech that is offensive and hateful. It’s always easier to defend someone’s right to say something with which you agree. But in a free society, you also have a duty to defend speech to which you may strongly object. According to a report, published by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), revealed that 62 percent of the 409 colleges reviewed have written policies in

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988 words - 4 pages brought this up to the law until they reached the Supreme Court.. The justices ruled that as long as the armbands were not disturbing the process of education in public school, they were protected by Amendment I. The right of free speech protected Tinker and her friends’ rights and it continues to protect every American’s rights. This case reminds everyone that it okay to express your thoughts even if someone tries to take those rights away. Your

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1976 words - 8 pages I would have liked to have had an education but instead I have to work on the streets if I don't I wont have anything to eat and I wont have any place to sleep tonight. These words were spoken to me by a 10 year old Colombian boy. He was very thin and looked as though he were only 6 years old.Unlike this boy, I was born a citizen of the United States. My parents came here in the late 1970's from Colombia, the country of their birth. I grew up an