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Lately, there has been much argument over the implementation of the Common Core. The Common Core was a creation of the government to enhance America’s education system through the modification of the current education standards. It forces students to think more critically and have a deeper understanding of the material that they are learning. The Common Core should not be instigated because it compels teachers and students to change their learning and teaching methods which could have a major influence on their education. There are countless pros and cons to the Common Core. The following paragraphs will outline both sides.
The Common Core allows students to be enhanced thinkers by sanctioning them to critically evaluate and make conclusions rather than memorizing the meaning of literary terms and characters (Cameron, A19). This enhances students’ skills and permits them to participate in a more active learning role. The Common Core demands more from students, in which students have to live up to those standards. With the Common Core, teachers have to “ensure that every child is thinking, participating, inquiring, and working with others … and discovering” (Cameron, A19). Under the Common Core, students nationwide will gain the same knowledge and skills as others required for future jobs.
In order for the Common Core to unify the standards, the requirement for standardized testing nationwide is absolutely necessary (Meador, Pros and Cons). Thus, allowing states to compare test scores efficiently and without any hassle. Formerly, due to the differences in tests and standards in each state, it was problematic to compare results. People will now be able to see the similarities and differences between districts and states. For schools and districts that do not reach standards, there can be many options and reforms emphasized to suit its needs. In addition, states would have to pay less for test production, scoring, and reporting due to the standardized testing. States nationwide would utilize the same standards to generate tests for the students of the country. It would also help students that frequently move from place to place. The individual student could continue in another location precisely where they ended because the standards would be the exact same.
The Common Core is also internationally bench-marked. This means that U.S. standards can be compared to the standards of other competing countries. By correlating standards, the United States can improve the country’s fallen education positions (Meador, Pros and Cons). Currently, the United States places 17th in the developed world for education (Zhao). It can also help to gain insight on what other countries education standards consist of and their results. We can use this knowledge to modify our education system to further the learning of students across America.
The transition from the current system to the Common Core will be extremely challenging for teachers (Meador, Transitioning)....

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