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“From making smart students; to making smart phones, Japan defeats the U.S. in both”
There’s a lot to be said about why America doesn’t have the best education system compared to Japan. To start with the difference in the teaching processes of both countries is staggering. Second, funding is a huge contributing factor to the growing difference between the U.S. and Japan. Lastly, the guidelines, and requirements for the students are much stronger in Japan, leading to a much higher success rate. It’s an obvious difference between the two countries, and the two education systems.
The first huge difference between the two education systems is the teachers. In the U.S. to become a teacher you must go to college, and receive a bachelor degree in whatever level of education you wish to teach; other than that the only requirement is the recertification test. In Japan it’s more than just a degree to be a teacher. “Teachers are expected to infuse cultural values throughout school activities and to be concerned about students' lives both in and out of school. Their efforts and influence often extend into the home and the community” ( It’s not enough to get a degree, in Japan you must care about your students. In Japan, the home room teachers eat lunch with their students, and even visit each student’s home at the beginning of the school year to personally meet the parents. Another thing Japanese teachers do (purposely) that U.S. teachers don’t do on purpose is every few years, the teachers are recycled into different schools. I believe that if the U.S. would practice a few of these methods in our school systems it would make all the difference in the world.
Next is another huge difference between the education systems in the U.S. and the systems in Japan. The guidelines and requirements of the students are completely different. Students have to apply to high schools, in order to attend much like applying to Universities in the U.S. Japanese students have to take standardized tests, and sometimes are sent to high schools, more than an hour from their home. This weeds out the under doers, and makes high school a much more serious aspect of education. “The modern educational system started in 1872, and is modeled after the French school system, which begins in April. The fiscal year in Japan also begins in April and ends in March of the following year, which is more convenient in many aspects.” ( This being said, the school year in Japan runs for approximately 240 days a year, opposed to the U.S. school year (180...

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