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Education System: Analyzing Current Involvement Programs

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Part 1: Analyzing Current Involvement Programs
“When schools, parents, families, and communities work together to support learning, students tend to earn higher grades, attend school more regularly, stay in school longer, and enroll in higher level programs.” (Van Roeckel, 2008, p. 1) Deer Valley High School in Glendale, AZ is the first high school built in the Deer Valley Unified Scholl District, and with a population around 1800 students, the high school is one of the bigger schools in the state. It has a tradition of family on its’ campus, where there are still teachers teaching that were there when the school opened in 1980. A number of former students have become new teachers on campus and just about all the teachers’ children have attended and graduated from the campus. With a school like ours, there are many connections to the community around it and it is demonstrated by the programs that bring in parent and community to help with the development of our students. There are numerous booster clubs run on our campus to help support student achievement on the sports fields, a school to work programs to teach the students necessary skills in different areas of either nursing, sports medicine classes, and in the culinary arts classrooms, and funding to our school to help ensure all students graduate on time. There are many programs on our campus, but I will discuss four of the programs: baseball booster club, C2G program, “school-to-work”, and the special education program sponsored by Arrowhead Hospital. These programs are designed to improve the relationships between the campus and the people in the community, and give all students on campus every opportunity to succeed in their future.
Program Name and Description Needs the program addresses Current Level of Participation
(1-5) Current Impact on Student Learning (1-5)
School Personnel Families Community School Personnel Families Community
Baseball Booster Club is a program that parents of the players help organize fundraising ideas, run the snack shack, and help with end of the year banquet. Allows coaches time to instruct their teams and brings in money to help keep the program functioning on a monetary basis. 1 4 3 1 2 2
C2G is a program that the school partners with Jostens and help fund a program to keep students on track to graduate. It helps encourage students to continue their education to graduation by helping students pay for graduation gowns and invitations. 3 2 4 3 4 5
School-to-work program allows members of the community to come into the classroom and show techniques and skills that are important in their line of work and allows the students to network with community leaders to someday find a job. Allows the students a first- hand account of what it takes to be a leader in a certain field and it allows students to meet potential bosses and be able to find internships in those fields during the summer. 3 2 5 3 1 5
Special Education with Arrowhead Hospital...

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