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According to Freire, the education system is a “Banking concept” where the teachers are depositors and the students are depositories. (Bartholomae, p. 244). I agree with Freire at this point about the education system because it gives me a glimpse of the education system that I had gone through. Here I am talking about the education system in Nepal. I graduated high school in Nepal. Briefing the education system in Nepal, a student has to spend two years in high school in order to get a degree.

The education system there in Nepal is totally different; in the physical aspect i.e. infrastructures, in comparison to American. Classroom here in The United States are well equipped with technologies. Students gets a chance to learn from different sources rather than depending on teacher as a whole. On the other hand, the students there in Nepal are totally dependent on the teachers and textbooks. They rote whatever their teacher has said without knowing a single fact what the teacher is talking about.

For an instance, let me share my own experience when I was in the high school.

I was not one of the best students in the class during my high school days, but trust me, I was kind of good student, not just a okay category. There used to be a girl who was one of the top in the class. (Let me introduce about the grades here. In Nepal, students are graded on percentage basis and do compete for the positions. Even difference in fraction of one hundredth of one is enough to play the winning or loosing game in the classroom but I did not find...

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