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Education System In The Usa Essay

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Education in the USAIntroductionIt is not a secret that to serve their citizens and to help the country prosper all countries in the world without exception provide public education to children and teenagers. One of its main goals is to prepare students for productive citizenship, work and adult life. All this makes the notion of education universal; however, each country has its own system of education determined by its history, political system, culture, traditions and so on. So, in this work I want to represent the educational system of the USA and its peculiarities. In the first part of my research paper I am going to represent the historical outline and the structure of education in the USA in brief. In the second part I will point out and describe the main strong and weak points of the education in the United States. I would like to mention that I chose this topic, because education has always been a focus of intense debate in the USA and continues to be of utmost importance to the citizens of America. In addition, since my dream has always been to study in the United Stated, I decided to do some research on this topic in order to get more knowledge about it and to learn the system's strong and weak sides.Part 1In this part of my paper I will represent in brief the origin and the history of education in the United States and the common structure of the educational system in the USA today.Historical outlineThe first steps towards public education in North America were taken by the Puritan settlers in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, who believed that everyone should be able to read the Bible. They established the Boston Latin School, colonial America's first secondary school, in 1635 and founded Harvard College in 1636. Other colonies followed this example in one form or another. Free education was seen as an important means for the preservation of liberty and religion. Later, public schools also got an important function in the Americanization of vast numbers of immigrants. It is important to know, that African-Americans were facing discrimination and were unable to enjoy the right of education in many areas until the 1960s. Up until then many states maintained segregated schools, i.e. separate schools for blacks and whites. The decentralized system of education in the USA today is explained by the fact, that in 1789 the US Constitution left the administering of public education to the individual states.Education in the USA todayThe American system of school education differs from the systems in other countries. The United States Federal Government ensures that each State is responsible for its own education system. There is no nationwide common curriculum or system of education although the structure of the education system is common. Thus, it consists of several levels: pre-school education, primary education, intermediate education - the Junior High School, secondary education, higher education and graduate education. Now, I would like to...

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