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People have learned to rely on schools to provide the proper education necessary to succeed: become an independent thinker. Although schools do what they are designed to do, they do not give a complete. Instead they train students to work, and teach students that there is nothing outside of one’s “cubicle.”
Mark Edmundson exposes this problem in “On the Uses of Liberal Education”. He states “colleges turned to energetic promotional strategies to fill the empty chair. And suddenly college became a buyer’s market” describing college as a commercialized workplace (Edmundson, 6). Edmundson writes “Colleges don’t have admissions offices anymore, they have marketing department.” (Edmundson, 6) ...view middle of the document...

Even though humanities are important they are regularly neglected because of the business-like mentality of colleges. Business involves strategic thinking and goals, which shows that it only relies on math and science. “In 1968, more than 21 percent of all the bachelor’s degree conferred in America were in the Humanities; by 1993, that number had fallen to about 13 percent.” (Edmundson, 6) Colleges are becoming synonymous with business, the humanities are losing their value in today’s education system.
Mark Slouka also recognized the same problem in higher education. “Math and science…They are everything we want: a solid return on capital investment, a proven route to “success.” Everything else can go fish.” (Slouka, 7) Slouka points out that people prioritize their economy and business over anything else. They believe that the most important thing is the economy, and everything should contribute to it. If something contributes to the economy then it is important and must be cherished and mastered to increase economic growth. “The federal government is asked to pay the cost of finding 30,000 new math and science teachers.” (Slouka, 8) Slouka identifies a problem with this mentality; this mentality also disputes that if something is not contributing to business it is not important to society and it is not important to cherish and practice it. Business relies heavily on strategic thinking, business relies heavily on math and science, and that is why Slouka believes that individuals cherish and strive to master math and science. On the contrary, business does not rely on ethics and morality, and that is why people overlook the importance of the humanities and ignore it to the point of extinction. Slouka writes “we’re well on the way of producing a nation of employees, not citizens.” (Slouka, 2) Overall, Edmundson and Slouka both express in their respective essays that education is turning into just math and science, while the humanities lose their value.
Schools have become profit aspiring businesses, and a big part of any profit-seeking business is the ability to market to its consumers. For schools the consumers are the students, while primarily the admissions department does the advertising. Even with the economy in decline the marketing budget for most colleges has increased over the last 10 years. On average colleges spend up to 11% of their total profit on marketing to new students (Scarborough, 1). Despite some budget cuts, the estimate of Temple University’s spending on marketing is over $5 million for the 2013-2014 school year (Ordonez, 1). These statistics are only for physical advertising, through which the school reaches out to prospective students, but in reality advertising goes much deeper. The building of non-education related buildings and monuments is another form of advertising that show’s a college’s glamour. Built in 2013, Morgan Residential Hall at Temple University cost a staggering 216 million dollars ( This...

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