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Education Learning System Essay

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Name of the system to be developed
The system that has choose to be developed has named as education learning
management system or online learning system where it is a one tool which has
give the potential to enhance and support the traditional learning system as an
integrated part of curriculum method in teaching and learning process between
the lecturers and students .Education Learning can be defined as learning
facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications
technology, e- learning may involve the use of some technologies such as
computer or desktop, software or application and internet based side that can
support the interaction process between the learners and lecturers that be
implement in the education organizational.

1.2 Summary of the system to be developed
The education learning system usually implement in the some universities in
term to enhance the variety on process and techniques in make the teaching and
learning environment become more effective, interactive and enjoyable in term it
can be share with others when there are have the interactions on its system that
can be used by the potential users such as students and lecturers. The system
develop with its own purposes which are to meet the aims in increased the
understanding with the learning process for the learners whereby in getting the
information that disseminates through the specific methods by using the
sophisticated technologies such as students get and downloads the notes from
lecturers files on the I-Learn. Furthermore, the purpose in developing this online
learning system is to create an virtual learning for the students where this system
can parent be integrated alongside the practice development in learning
activities by using available resources, tools and facilities that match with learners
needs. Moreover, by implementing this system, it can create one situation where
the two ways interaction was build between the lecturers and students anywhere,
everywhere without time limitations and physical place itself.

1.3 Problem description
There are some problems was arise before the implementing of the education
learning system where firstly is the difficulties in getting the rapid updates,
dissemination and the utilization of knowledge among students itself where the
traditional method was be used by lecturers such as in giving the notes in the
class where it this situation can make teaching and learning process become less
efficient. In addition, the problem also occurs to the lecturers when they are
confusing with their student’s semester assessment that are currently not based
on actual plan because they are teaching many classes at a one time and
indirectly their students not getting the...

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