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From the time a young boy gets into middle school, video games and school virtually instantly become bitter rivals. Reading and writing recreationally at a potential level could be on an amazing tool for gaining reading comprehension, spelling, and even language development, but that can only go so far. Motivation and “attention-getters” are what most students struggle with and when sat down with an encyclopedia and an ink pen, distractions become a necessity. But when they sit in front of the big-screen killing drug dealers with an AK-47, they know all of the ins-and-outs of that video game, at the same time; the book is still waiting to be read. Students have to be taught in a way that allows them to embrace learning and video games together.
To most junior high students, reading is a drag, reading to them is a meaningless a waste of time. If students could be stimulated in the way video games stimulate them, the education industry would have a whole new arsenal of teaching mechanics. According to Use of Video Games (2007), John Kirriemuir and Angela McFarlane actually had a survey on how using video games is “pure” way to intrigue students with learning with outstanding results. Having an education is a must for today’s society; most fast food joints will not hire anyone with an education for an upper position. Video games are so in-depth and the plots are so detailed, the players are learning more about how to set up a battle strategy than how to set up an equation in a math class. If dropout rates continue increasing, our hope for a bright future will surely dwindle. If this epidemic continues to spread, laziness and lethargy will soon be the only “monkey on our backs” and life will commence operation ‘shut-down’. From years of observation and recent self recognition, the author has found that video games hold the key to unlocking the secret of eternal wealth.
Around the teenage years, perfectly explainable changes begin to happen and video games with more and more violence become the highest commodity. As far as distractions go, video games could take the soul of any young male or willing female. If the youth is found to be constantly distracted, the conclusions could jump from ADHD to demonic possession. Having the future of America’s society hopped up on adderol and brain-washed by Christian fanatics, the tender fibers of everyday life could simply disappear. High school is a time where teenagers are given freedoms and privileges unlike the past year where they were told what to do and when to do it. But when an action-packed video game comes out, that student is going to find a way to obtain his treasure. Freedom is a privilege that only the brainless abuse and the ignorant fail to survive, and video games can give long term advantages to early users.
From early life, video games at their most basic state can be the most entertaining and beneficial for early brain and hand-eye coordination skills. "Playing video games involves...

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