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Education: Why Kids Should Be More Grateful To Receive One.

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Essay written by Amy MarkwartEducation: Why kids should be more grateful to receive one. Kids' first reaction to the word school is BORING! School is a ten month death trap that us children are forced to report to year after year. The only reason we survive is because of the two months of summer vacation at the very end, but even that isn't long enough! Sound like you? If it does that keep on reading, cause this is for you. Throughout this essay, I hope to change your point of view on school and thoroughly explain why kids should be more grateful to receive the high class education offered in developed countries like Canada and the U. S. these days. To start off, school is vital if society wishes to continue to run smoothly. Because if you think about it, if nobody went to school, nobody would receive an education, and if nobody received an education, nobody could go to college and get a job. And if nobody worked, nothing would get done and our economy would collapse. Now some of you may raise the objection that you don't need to go to school to get a job. You can take out the garbage or work at a flower shop without an education. And it's true; you can be a garbage man without knowing all the parts of a cell. And it probably is ones who dropped out of high school and never went to university who ended up collecting other people's garbage. But what about the jobs like doctors or architects? Would you like to have brain surgery done on you by a doctor who had never received an education and had virtually no idea what he or she is doing? Or sleep in a house that was designed by an architect who had never taken a single math or physics class? Secondly, school is a privilege. In some countries children only wish they could go to school. We are so very lucky to live in a place like Canada where schooling is free and available to everyone and anyone no matter their age, gender or social class. In other countries like Afghanistan, in some cases, only the richest boys can receive an education.As forthe poor, unfortunate girls, they can never dream of...

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