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The following essay will outline group work, authentic task and self-efficacy, three theoretical influences that will inform my teaching practices as a future educator within a schooling environment. These three themes group work; authentic learning and self-efficacy are concepts that can be incorporated into the classroom in order to provide successful educational outcomes. I will also explore the interconnecting theories that are related to the three main themes, providing informed knowledge that is relevant to a classroom context. Lastly, I will integrate these themes in with my values as a future teacher and demonstrate the effectiveness learning theories can provide ...view middle of the document...

Therefore for students to accomplish tasks and develop their learning abilities they need the support of other capable peers before they can accomplish tasks individually. The constructivist proposed that peers are one of the strongest teachers because the students are more likely to be close to the learner’s zone of proximal development. (Woodfolk, 2010, pg 99). The zone of proximal development strengthens interaction between individuals within groups, learning to share and consume knowledge, however being at different levels of development. (Rivera & Herazo,2002).The ZPD is seen a strategic mechanism used to scaffold, this idea is seen to facilitate interaction between teacher and students and between peers, in the process of acquiring new knowledge and skills (Obukhova & Korepanova, 2009). Scaffolding can be utilised by providing students with prompts and structuring that will guide them to accomplishing the task at hand. Therefore within a classroom context, if I see that within the group students are struggling, even those who are more cable I am able to use scaffolding to assist them by providing certain questions that will prompt and spark new ideas.
Within the classroom I will adapt collaborative learning into my teaching practices, as it will benefit all students from the exchange of knowledge, elaborations and...

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