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Educational Assessment In The Schools Essay

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This educator has being teaching elementary school for approximately forty two years. Her many years of teaching were devoted to three schools in the capital. The present institution of employment is E. P. Robert Primary School – from 1979 through to present – located Lincoln Boulevard and Balfour Avenue. This elementary institute caters to learners between the ages of five and eleven years old. According to this instructor, there is a great amount of love for the content area, but there is an even greater concern for the academic development of these young learners. This Art Specialist belief is that if students cannot read it is different for them to excel in other subject areas like ...view middle of the document...

At the end of each school term the students take a summative assessment which is in the form of paper-and-pencil test. Hence, there are no performance tests at this time before the students take their summer and Christmas breaks. These tests allow the students to put aspects of Art element and principle in place on paper, whether it is drawing, colouring and definition. By doing this, according to administrators and teacher, it shows that students have mastered the information and retained what was taught throughout the term. When student are unable to display that they have master the information the teacher then uses lunch and break sessions to assist student that are having difficulties with the subject. In some cases the problem may not be in the content area, but with reading. This teacher then employs strategies that will assist the students that are not grasping the concepts or having problem with reading.
There interviewee basically discussed three type of data collection process, observations, paper-and-pencil tests and performance test. The observations is one way in which the teacher uses to identify those of the high flyers – best drawers – and those that may need additional help with the elements and principle of design and all other related topics. Performance tests are used to illustrate the students’ understanding of the information taught. This form of testing, according to the educator, is one of the most effective evaluations of this content area. Her belief is that the students get to illustrate using Bloom’s Taxonomy higher level of thinking. Lastly, the paper-and-pencil tests, this commonly used, selected type tests is the common during the end of terms and is what contributes towards the students final grade for the term.
As it relates to the information gathered it is obvious that this teacher uses assessment to not monitor the learning process and also as an indicator as to when student maybe be suffer from...

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