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Educational Conflicts. Essay

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People die every day. From different reasons: diseases, cataclysms (volcanoes, floods, hurricanes, etc), automobile and air accidents, and many other things. It is always a hard thing to hear about dozens of wasted lives. But somehow we understand that we can do nothing to prevent such thing. We get accustomed to the victims of war, they are soldiers who knew what they do and why. It is only natural when people get killed in wars. Wars accompany humanity far too many years.And it is another thing when in peace time people we love get killed. It is even more awful when our children, our brothers and sisters get killed in schools. Each morning we make them sandwiches and take to school. How can we know what day will be the last? How can we know the tragic hour of great lost? Such tragedy is unseen and unpreventable, such lost is irreplaceable.In my paper I will try to focus attention on the article which describe the attitude of teachers to school massacres. I still don't understand how student can carry a massacre at his own school. But we all know that it is true. "The image of the Columbine High School massacre is still lingers in our consciousness: A school under attacked by murderous student gunmen. But in some communities, a scenario like Columbine could have a very different ending"(Tracy Smith)Where is that edge, after crossing which a student is able to kill his friends and mentors. No one knows and just few want to know. It is always "better" not to see and not to hear but the price will be tremendous.As the answer to massacre Utah recently passed a law allowing licensed gun owners to carry concealed weapons at schools. It was made in order to make schools safer but some people it couldn't be more wrong."Natalie Aposhian is a teacher. But if armed intruders threaten her class, there's a good chance that they'll fail."(Tracy Smith) Aposhian says, "If it came to protecting myself and protecting my kids, it would stop in my classroom. It wouldn't be going...

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