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Educational Goals And Aspirations Essay

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My Educational Goals & Career Aspirations

From a young age, I’ve always tried to live up to my family’s expectations. A young hispanic from a middle class family, I wanted to be exactly what my parents desired of me. The second oldest in both families, my parents stopped their education in elementary school in order to work in the heat of the fields to keep their family economically decent. My parents told me stories of their hardships of growing up in El Salvador and they implored that I not be like them. The two wanted their children to have a better future than they did and so they implanted this idea into their three children, my two older sisters and I. Within my ...view middle of the document...

I aspire to go beyond a degree and use my skills to help others.

Since I was young, I had many interests in a large array of subjects. For 5 years, in elementary school, I was convinced that I would be an archaeologist but that idea soon died. After that idea died, I was lost. I wandered through class after class, wondering what interested me enough to pursue it as a career. I loved Criminal Law, I loved History, I loved English, the list goes on and on. I continue to struggle with it to this day, but the areas have been narrowed and the list became shorter. I still have an array of interests. To me, having so many interests in university is a pro rather than a con. I hope when I officially go to university I can expand my interests and maybe find the right things that I have a passion for. It wasn’t until last school year, in my junior year of high school where the most appealing idea came to me. A teacher of mine was telling the class one day of his own struggle with finding a major in university, the same problem I struggled with. He said he enjoyed learning so many things - so many subjects - that he decided to teach others to love learning as well, and that is why he decided to become a teacher.

The career in education, to me, seems logical and interesting. I have yet to decide what...

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