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Educational Growth Essay

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Educational Growth
Professional counseling services could offer good assistance for children with children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Psychologists well aware of ASD have shown much interest in depending on counseling tools that focus on education. This approach aims to improve educational growth in autistic children such that they better communicate with their peers and perform well on classroom tasks.
For instance, apart from CBT or talk therapy, the counselor could administer Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). This refers to the guidelines and principles basing on which the autistic children provide education with a special emphasis on behaviorism. Classical Behaviorism includes that of learning individuals required display properly concept, in a manner sufficient, and providing reinforcers. In other word, Scientists have mentioned that people with autism could learn better if there is a proper and repeated presentation of well organized demand with incentives when an intended behavior becomes apparent (Education and autism, n.d.). Under ABA, a psychotherapist could offer Discrete Trial Training that involves an action oriented request, reaction from the autism affected children and a therapist’s reaction. Counseling when offered through this method plays a vital role in positively supporting the behavior shaping and instructing novel behaviors. Therapists become familiar with ABA principles could enhance their practice efficacy. Many researchers consider ABA as the influencing approach to formulate behavior and educate a new knowledge and behaviors of individuals with disabilities. Say, they are essential in decreasing the undesirable and improper behaviors and enhancing communication and learning.
Similarly, an educational approach TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and Related Communication Handicapped Children) is a well organized system (Education and autism, n.d.). It emphasizes on individuals with autism and their development aspects with respect to their necessities, benefits, and skills. Here, the therapist tries to induce the proper environment to the autism affected people. This approach intends to educate the individual and facilitates them to become aware of the surrounding world. For instance, few children with autism under frustration throw tantrums. Counselors would detect the precise cause of such behavior and impart education about the methods of conveying the frustration through communication. This makes children with autism understand the ways of communicating their needs through signals.
In addition, Psycho Educational Profile (PEP) approach makes the therapist better assess the learning abilities of children in order to enhance their skills related to coping and social interactions. This could enable children with autism to remain less dependent on others for any assistance. With TEACCH approach, a structured...

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