Educational Issues And Trends Essay

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Educational Issues and Trends
There are many current educational issues. The lack of Parent involvement and support is definitely one. This is especially the case at our title 1 schools. It is a struggle to get many parents to be involved in their child’s education. Another current educational issue is the lack of support and assistance for classroom teachers. For example, there are some schools where each kindergarten and first grade has a full time assistant. I teach first grade but share an assistant with two other first grade classes. We have reading teachers, however they only serve 3-5 students at a time out of 60+ students. With class sizes increasing, it becomes more and more ...view middle of the document...

I have recently had my first child! That is not the problem. The problem is we barely have enough money to properly care for 1 child. I cannot afford to have another child (we want 2 more) because if I have another child I would basically be paying to work because of the cost of daycare.
I realize that I am talking a lot about myself. I am not the only person this has affected. Our school just this year alone has lost 2 amazing teachers because they cant “afford” to teach. Both teachers were males, which we desperately need especially in the elementary school setting. Both of them loved their jobs and especially loved teaching in Orange County (they had both previously taught in other counties and preferred and enjoyed working in orange county schools). They just simply could not support their wives and children with the salary that they were earning. Both moved on to other jobs not in the teaching profession. It was so sad to see teachers, who were so excellent and loved what they do, have to leave because they were not paid enough to live on. Those two teachers are not the only ones I have heard of that have left their career and teaching profession because they are not able to make ends meet. I have heard of many more leaving and continue to hear of more all the time.
Not only is North Carolina loosing qualified, excellent teachers. They are working the teachers that they have to death. Teachers have to get second jobs. I know of 3 teachers at our school (there may even be more that I am not aware of) who leave school and go to a second...

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