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Educational Options Near Ottawa Essay

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In the Ottawa area there are many educational options for potential students. As a government town with a population of over one million people, there are many demands for a variety of training institutions.
The largest and most recognizable institution for hands-on training would be Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology. Located in the west end of the city, this public community college has over one hundred and twenty-five full and part time programs ranging from trades and technology to health care services. The college community is made of local, national and international students of all ages. Many of the programs have a cooperative education component that allows students to go out into the workplace and practice their newly acquired skills. Algonquin also has programs geared specifically at students who already have education or training and want to upgrade their skills for a new career or advancement in their current occupation. There are many post-diploma programs that require the student to have already earned a degree or diploma in a related field. As a bilingual city, Ottawa also has a comparable French language school, La Cite Collegiale. Located in the cities east-end, La Cite accommodates the large francophone community in Ottawa and the surrounding area. The college has over seventy five full and part time programs, including everything from hair styling to business studies.
Ottawa is also home to many for-profit post secondary schools, which allow students to complete their studies at a faster pace than at the traditional institutions. Examples of these types of schools would be Willis College of Business and Technology and Herzing College; which specializes in Business and Health Care. Herzing, like...

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