Educational Platform And Administrative Entry Plan

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Student OutcomesThere are several variables that are highly relevant for student achievement, and a principal should be cognizant of all of them, although the degree to which he or she concentrates on them will vary with the progress of the school toward its specific unique goals. According to a research team at West Georgia College and Murray State University, "while there are differences in variables depending on the researcher, there is agreement on a core group of variables which are relevant for student achievement. They are: orderly climate, leadership, expectations, frequent monitoring of instruction or assessment, parent and community involvement, and instruction" (Bulach, Malone, & Castleman, 1995). A principal needs to look at the variables of achievement in a systematic way in order to see improvement in achievement scores, which needs to be an underlying goal of every school, although it can be framed in a way that keeps everyone motivated. According to Betty Peltier, elementary principal in Houma, Louisiana, "I try to emphasize to my teachers that our goal is to increase our students' learning as evidenced by test scores. That perspective helps keep them focused on the real reason we are here" (Hopkins, 2001).The method by which a principal monitors the variables above is not important, but it is important that there is a method. Students should be trained to follow procedures of orderliness both of the school and of individual classrooms. Teachers should be given leadership roles in order to move the school more smoothly toward common goals. The principal and all faculty and staff members need to clearly communicate behavioral and academic expectations to each other and the students. "One of the major causes of 'people problems' in families and organizations is unclear, ambiguous, or unfulfilled expectations. Conflicting expectations regarding roles and goals cause many people pain and problems, adding stress to relationships" (Covey, 1990). A principal needs to be a professional mentor and model for teachers, providing them with instruction on issues such as assessment for learning; the goal being swifter progress toward high achievement. Finally, the principal, as master teacher, needs to facilitate teacher improvement. She can do this by coordinating a schedule of brief in-service coupled with teachers observing each other thereby growing as professionals.In all, a principal needs to spend a sizable portion of her time on the development of her professional staff in order to see an increase in student achievement.Instructional ClimateMore than any one element of instructional climate might be time on task. In order for a school to function as efficiently as possible, distractions that rob students of instructional time must be minimized. A principal can do this by elimination class time interruptions such as PA announcements and movement in the halls. Teachers can do this by a concerted effort to teach "bell to bell." All...

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