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Educational Poems For The Classroom Are If A Bad Dream Comes By Siv Cedering Fox And Sunflakes By Frank Asch

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A great way to get children more involved and engaged in the classroom is by using poems as a guide towards a student’s learning. The two poems, “If a Bad Dream Comes” by Siv Cedering Fox and “Sunflakes” by Frank Asch, are excellent examples that are capable of doing just that. Through careful analysis of each of these poems possible themes, developmental lessons, structures, and morals; it will be apparent that these poems, as well as any others, can adequately contribute to directing students to the path of an enriched lesson to learn.
“If a Bad Dream Comes” and “Sunflakes” are both poems that connect to a child’s reaction to a particular subject or problem. Every child has difficulties sleeping based on fear from a nightmare and the poem “If a Bad Dream Comes” is a great way to give the child an answer on how to make them feel safe. This poem is full of metaphors that connect one thing to another. For example, in stanza two “My blanket is a ceiling. My mattress is a floor…”, the child does not literally mean that the blanket is in fact a ceiling. Through the child’s imaginations, he or she envisions that the mattress plays the part of the floor. However, to the child who is hiding underneath the blanket, this is seen as a way to protect him or herself from the scary darkness of the bad dream. In the poem “Sunflakes”, it begins with the simile, “If sunlight fell like snowflakes…” This particular line allows children to attain the thought of what if sunlight could actually give the joy that snow can. Most kids have a ton of things to do in the winter with the snow, such as snowball fights, snowboarding, and building a snowman; but fun in the sun can be pretty limited, and without proper precautions, you could receive very bad sunburn. This poem spurs a child to engage in curiosity and question about the world around them. What is sunlight could fall like snow? Could we build sunmen or sunboard?
Each of the poems gives a lesson children require in order to enjoy childhood to its fullest whether in survival or curiosity. In “If a Bad Dream Comes” the child learns that it’s okay to be scared and there are ways to prevent the bad dream from resurfacing by allowing yourself to admit to others that you are scared. The three stanzas correspond to each other by transitioning in a way that a child does. In the first stanza the child would wake up scared and hide underneath the covers in a way to prevent them from seeing or once again feeling the effects of the bad dream. The second stanza tells that the child would try to find a safe place away from the darkness in order to feel protected if no one comes to save them. Finally, the third stanza tells of what to do when the child begins to feel safe again, they admit to whoever walks into the room that they are scared. The reason Fox wrote the poem in this way is to show the simple pattern little kids do when scared during the night. “If a Bad Dream Comes” is a three stanza line poem with varied...

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