Educational Possibilities In Technology Essay

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Educational Possibilities in Technology
Imagine life without modern-day technology, having to work with obsolete tools, and having little or no communication between distant people. This, to a lesser degree is the current situation in our educational system. In the past fifty years, technology has drastically changed lives. The invention of computers, smartphones, and handheld devices that can access the internet, a vast new world of information, has created immeasurable new opportunities and possibilities. The creation of a vast network called the internet has allowed an amassing of information available for free online. With Google alone, almost all information needed can be obtained. Access to encyclopedias and even Wikipedia can provide massive amounts of information to anyone who searches. These easy access points to information have helped many students’ understanding of topics. Many people have already been affected greatly by these new technologies and the jobs they created, and now many people own a personal smartphone. While the rest of the world has embraced this technology, schools still do not integrate all technology. Most classrooms have only one computer where the teacher is the one who has access to it. Of course, many schools have computer labs, but most of the computers are outdated. In classrooms, students are still using pencil and paper while teachers are the only ones with access to a computer. Implementing one-to-one computers in the form of iPads, laptops, or other handheld devices will help revolutionize the classroom. The lack of technology in classrooms has shown that education must be reformed to fully reflect the modern world.
Classrooms today are severely behind in their implementation of technology. It is evident that “Simulations, digital gaming, and social networking technologies have all definitely suffered the same public relations problems that all new technologies do” (Klopfer). One of the reasons that education is behind on technology is due to the negative association with technology. After a violent tragedy caused by a teenager, many people try to link violent videogames as the cause of the crime. They often ignore that the world was violent before the advent of the computer and instead try to shift the blame onto technology today. As the world becomes more technologically dependent, there is a growing need to expose students to technology in order to adequately prepare them to be successful, and teachers must create learning environments that mirror contemporary society (Besnoy). America’s current education is behind on teaching children of modern technologies and instead teaches with old outdated methods and ideas. Despite the bad image associated with new technology, it is necessary to teach students about technology in order to properly prepare the students for the real world. The lack of proper guidance can cause confusion if exposure to computer technology is low during childhood. Arthur Phillip...

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