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Educational Preparation For Nurses Essay

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What is a nurse? Is a nurse a caregiver, a patient advocate, a professional? There certainly could be a place for the technical and professional nurse in today’s world, but they are not differentiated in the workplace. Hospitals have stopped hiring Licensed Practical Nurses altogether, and Registered Nurses with an Associates Degree in Nursing (ADN) are doing many of the same jobs as nurses with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Nursing (BSN) in the hospital and clinical setting. While the Registered Nurse with the higher level of education may have more opportunity for advancement, their roles are not clearly differentiated in everyday practice. It appears that ADNs and BSNs are being used ...view middle of the document...

Another suggestion the the dilemma, would be to maintain the current expectations and licensure for nurses with an Associates Degree, while essentially creating a new, more professional role, for nurses with a Bachelors Degree. This seems to be the only logical way to set apart nursing as a true profession, as the current view of nursing is too broad to ever attempt to gain that recognition.
The first thing that needs to happen, is that nurses need to decide who they are and what they are doing. Nursing ranges everywhere form nurses in a nursing home who are not allowed to hand someone a Tylenol without an order from a doctor, to glorified secretaries taking vital signs at a Doctor’s office, to nurses essentially running a doctor’s practice, to running codes in the Intensive Care Unit, choosing the appropriate life saving medications, and everything in-between. Unfortunately for our society, one degree and the letters behind a person’s name are all employers have to go on when hiring the best person for a job. It would be difficult to argue that less education would produce a more equipped nurse than...

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