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Educational Psychology Reflection Paper

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This course has taught me many new things about teaching. I have gained knowledge about topics such as moral education, expertise, decision-making, and classroom management, just to name a few. Through the reading and portfolio essays, my desire to teach has strengthened throughout the semester. Because of this course, I now have a better understanding of the educational and psychological needs my future students, as well as myself, will have and how to meet them.

The portfolio essays that I have completed throughout this course have taught me several things. Each week, the essay reviewed and allowed me to think more in depth about the content in the chapter. I was forced to think ...view middle of the document...

Another thing I learned from the portfolio essays is how to look at a controversial educational topic from both perspectives. Several of the essays and discussion posts asked for my personal opinion on an educational topic, such as the portfolio essay from Chapter 11. This essay required me to read in detail about the controversy on using calculators in elementary school and then asked that I explain my view on this topic. By doing this in the Chapter 11 essay and others as well, I was forced to think critically about these topics and form my own stance on them. This has allowed me to decide and create a foundation for the type of teacher that I would like to become. I now know where I stand on several controversial educational topics and I will be able to apply this to my future career as a teacher.

Teaching is an occupation that I highly admire. By teaching, I would be able to help young people, a strong desire of mine. This class allowed me to better see how I can use my passions and abilities to help the next generation. Throughout this course, my desire and intention to teach has grown and strengthened. I have truly enjoyed learning more about the psychological aspect of this occupation. Each week the discussions, tests, and portfolio essays required me to think in-depth about the content and allowed me to immerse myself in varying issues and situations that I will face as a teacher. Before I took this course, my plan was to become a music teacher. During the course of this class, I unfortunately learned that I may not be able to pursue a music education degree. However, my desire to teach has not faltered. This course has reminded me why I wanted to teach: there is no better way to help those around me while being able to practice my passion than...

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