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Educational Software Should Be Provided To Third World Children

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Education is an unending process, that deals with learning and a ceaseless efforts be it consciously or unconsciously to achieve a given objective. In a vast growing world, education is one of the most effective tools for development and national transformation. However, the effectiveness of education as an agent of national development depends on how the government runs the educational system.
It is no doubt that education has transformed so many lives in Nigeria. The fundamental right of every Nigerian child is a right to free primary education of good standard. My main concern however is that education is not sufficient in a normal classroom setting. An outrageous number of students are registered every year, and nothing is put in place to sustain progress.
While we have some who are very fast learners, others are slow in learners for many reasons ranging from family to health. In this study, the challenges facing the Universal Basic Education project are examined while it also proffers solutions to meet the challenges, by introducing a software e-UBE.


In previous years, thanks to the Internet and the rapid emergence of technologies, hypermedia and multimedia applications have gained an increasing importance in the information diffusion structure. Moreover, due to their usability, these media tools have so far gained increasing importance and attracted students, teachers, academic practitioners and parents. As a result, software producers, institutions and private programmers have engaged their resources to develop educational software (ES) to be used specifically for teaching. The first part of this paper will focus on the UBE structure; the main aims of this program and the problems it is facing and envisaged problems. Thereafter, the main characteristics of educational software will be described and the characteristics of educational software will be analyzed form an academic point of view highlighting the advantages of the use of the involved technologies.
Objectives of the UBE
The universal basic education program is designed by the government to eradicate illiteracy in Nigeria. The education is free and compulsory for all Nigerian child/adult. The UBE programme now consists of 6 years of primary schooling and 3 years of Junior Secondary School. So we have about 8-9 years of proposed compulsory quality education that each child is entitled to. The UBE programme involves students between ages 5-14. Eight years is enough time to impact greatly on an individual’s mentality, increase literacy and establish high academic proficiency.
Objectives of the UBE program among others include:
Developing a strong awareness for education and strong commitment to promote learning, Universal Basic Education (UBE) for every Nigerian Child of School-going age; reducing drastically, drop-out rate, from the formal school system .Another objective...

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