Educational Standards Essay

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Educational Standards

Over the week, I stumbled over this article while I was looking over old copies of Newsweek in the Library. I instantly thought, “Oh an article the president wrote on educational issues, I wonder what that is about.” The article was about issues concerning education in our society today, how poor it is nation wide, and initiatives, including national educational standards, that could potentially raise the educational level throughout our nation. Although the national educational standards issue was not discussed in detail, it is important to note that the president of our nation is aware of them an is trying to help the nation as a whole be aware of them also.

“People like to say that the schools aren’t what they used to be. The truth is, they’re much to much like they used to be. At the beginning of the 21 century, we can’t expect to prepare our children for the challenges of the global information economy in schools designed to meet the demands of the industrial economy.” This was the most important point that the article made. Personally, I have never thought about the educational standpoint from this perspective. This remark has made me aware that I do not have the resources to know what education was like 50 years ago, but I do know how much it has changed within my short lifetime alone. Since I started school in 1980, I have been though the ages of “before their were computers in schools” to watching computers in schools grow into what they are today. My first experience with computers was limited but influential. In 1987 (when I was 10 years...

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