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Education system An ideal system of education requires distinct characteristics. Our education system today is not quite perfect. All education institutions share a common goal. The goal is for all the students to gain knowledge that they didn't have before in order to compete in the real world. Morowitz wrote that many people believe "education is a method of transferring knowledge from master to pupil. The majority of people believe this is "obtaining education." There is more to the concept that "students are depositories" and the "teachers are the depositor."( Paule Friere ) The success of the students are directly connected to the environment he is surrounded. A perfect education system has to start with a comfortable environment. The teacher also has to be knowledgeable and not believe in the myth that "teachers justifies their own existence through their students ignorance absolute."(Paule Friere) A perfect institution of education should be able to accommodate cultural change, diversity, have a strict curriculum with alternative teaching strategies, and promotes interaction among their peers.In 1998, a television program called "60 Minutes", aired a special investigation of the United States educational system when compared to the educational system of China and Germany. The results of this investigation surprised many citizens of the U.S., including myself. According to 60 minutes, the United States system of education is failing tremendously when compared to other to Germany and China. They found a direct connection between the failure of U.S. students and the teaching methods the U.S. imposes on them. Also, the success of the student's of China and Germany shared a similar philosophy. China and Germany greatly promotes "interaction" between the students at a very young age. In America, the students are more interested in individual success. American students learn to become a distinct "individual". These students's believe that this "individuality" is what defines them. Everyone is constantly competing against one another, trying to create an identity for themselves. A junior in high school may think that working at "Mcdonald's" makes him a "MAN"; while in China and Germany, their students are probably training for a better job in the future. Very few American students are being introduced to "group work" and the concept of "interaction" among their classmates. They don't realize the strong bonding that occurs when people share and discuss ideas because the United States doesn't realize it either. Inversely, in Germany and China, the concept of group work is greatly stressed. They believe it leads to a much greater benefit. As 60 minutes investigated, they found out that students in Germany and China have higher test scores than American students, there are less crimes, and the percentage of unemployment is extremely small. These students learn at a very young age to get along with one another, to share ideas, and to resolve their...

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