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Educational Technology Autobiography Essay

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Educational Technology Autobiography

My experience with educational technology from K-12 to post-secondary education:
The very first form of educational technology that I encountered was the use of the overhead in the first grade. In the third grade I was moved to a gifted and talented Math class; therefore, allowing my fellow classmates and myself access to a computer lab that contained seven apple computers. Every Friday we were allotted fifteen to twenty minutes on these computers to play Number Munchers and Oregon Trail. In fourth and fifth grade I continued with my gifted and talented Math programs, but was also added to gifted and talented Science and English programs. In these programs I again used the computer but this time I used the computer for puzzles (i.e. a picture of a cake on the screen and we had to click on the appropriate prompted proportions, or fractions) in Math, for games such as Word- Munchers and filling out Mad-Libs in English, and to record data in a timesheet format in Science. Furthermore, in my Math and Science classes I was asked to be able to understand how to use a simple function calculator. In addition, in my English class we often heard literature read aloud through a tape recorder, as well as seeing movies based off of the books we were reading. During my last two years of elementary school, I became familiar with the use of overheads, televisions, calculators, and computers, for educational technological purposes. Each summer, while I was in Elementary School, my mother made me practice typing, where I became very familiar with a (hateful) program called Mavis Beacon. Moreover, during the summer before I entered Middle School I opted to take a Summer Camp on computers, where I learned to send messages to other peoples’ computers (not through the internet), as well as install software and use that software (i.e. we installed a program to build rollercoaster’s, and after they were built we were able to test them to see if people would actually be able to ride them. However, most of my rollercoaster’s ended up falling off tracks and plummeting the people on them to their deaths.)

It was not until Middle School that I was introduced to more sophisticated educational technology. By this point all of my classes were Gifted and Talented classes; thus, we were given more advantages in technology compared to other students, (now this seems quite unfair to me, but at the time, it did not come across my mind as being unfair.) In the sixth grade I was asked to acquire and learn how to use a TI-83 calculator… a calculator I used up until my senior year of High School. I also learned how to go to the library and use the computer in our library at school to look up our catalog of books. Furthermore, I was taken to a computer lab two days a week for a typing class, where like the one I was forced to take over the summers of my childhood, was a simple program that wanted you to type back the paragraphs that appeared...

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