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When I was in elementary school I always had the thought “What was the purpose of education, what can we do with it?”; Never having an idea of the benefits gained from being concealed in a large building with 300 other students. The view of school was more considered a daycare meant for children, to be dropped off at 8am and then picked up at 3pm. Teachers would inform the students that they’re preparing us for the future. I partially understood what it meant because everything we learned was repetitive, boring and seem so distant from what I wanted to achieve. At the time I wanted to become a doctor and everything taught wasn't related to it. Until the thought of college anchored my mind in ...view middle of the document...

I was told by my father when I was born they didn't know of health insurance and so they had to pay all our medical bills and infant accessories with their own savings in order to raise me. Soon after my birth they attended an informational meeting meant for new families and learned the benefits of having health insurance and how government aid was available to the less fortunate. My mother’s idea was to go back to school to learn the english language and possibility earn a degree. When she decided to go back to school to study finance and my father started a shipping business to support my mother’s education. Once my mother received her bachelors in business from NYU; she helped my father expand his business increasing the number of employees which provided an increase of opportunities to others. Unlike my mother, my father had a different kind of learning experience he gained his education through taking advice from his peers and other business professionals in order to have an economic growth spurt.
Being educated develops a healthier person as well, just by having the knowledge of certain illness it can prevent future health related problems. Medicine is an ongoing process because new diseases, animals, organelles discovered everyday and with the possibility of being harmful. Around the age of eight, while I was sleeping my grandmother realized that I was breathing heavily and was wrapped in my blanket, she immediately notices I was sick and treated me with the proper care. However some people get sick all the time, and without the proper education about health care or medicine people would get extremely ill and possibly die.
Education also helps fight the spread of diseases and other types of illness. In high school I had a class called health and welfare, we learned about sexual transmitted diseases, and viruses that are contiguous among the human population. This awareness provided many young teenagers to be more cautious with whom they share bodily fluids with. Many people have died from diseases during the early 90s it was an on growing epidemic on where teens and adults weren’t properly educated about contagious diseases, HDV and AIDS. This sparked the department of education to educate the young about the sudden outbreak of hazardous diseases, virus so they can take preventive measures
The United States has gone through a lot of changes since the early settlers. Industrial revolution is the perfect example of education providing stability and economic growth among the common people. When technology became available to the community such as cars, radios, the demand for educated people skyrocketed. People wanted to educate themselves to have better job positions. Supervisor and other higher position jobs causes corruption. Within the facility the educated came up with an counterattack, the factory workers started the...

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