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Educators Must Bring Latest Technology To The Class Of Engineers

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Recognizing that the students have fairly good foundation in basic sciences when they exercise their option for engineering, it is the responsibility of educators to bring the latest advances within the reach of engineering graduates. The motivation for this paper is thus the urgent necessity to revise undergraduate curriculum incorporating latest technological developments which stimulate inquiry and innovation while strengthening product design capabilities. While the focus shifts to applied topics of basic sciences and core engineering areas, there must be active supplementary learning and interdisciplinary experience. The old format will be replaced with the new one comprising of contemporary topics in applied mathematical and physical sciences, core engineering subjects and interdisciplinary elective courses combined with hands-on experience in design simulation and innovation. Since the students deal with real world products and how to improve on them using latest technology, the scope for patenting along with publishing will increase. It will help refresh academic activity with focus on design and innovation leading to skills for inquiry and new idea generation.
The goal is realized by creating a centralized facility equipped with latest technology in engineering colleges where students conduct group discussions and gain hands-on experience on products in the market through industry networking. Autonomous engineering colleges in India which are preparing to redefine the curriculum in line with ABET guidelines for outcome based education can establish these centers for product-based learning. The students will explore the possibility of how to improve on the existing product by design innovation. The activity is expected to enrich the experience and constructively transform the student’s mind-set. The intellectual capability is sharpened. The practical experience gained will considerably reduce the present gap from graduation to industry deployment. The student will be equipped with the necessary employability skills during all the years of graduation, besides acquiring the entrepreneurial strength essential for startup ventures. The topics covered in each subject will undergo steady changes depending on industry-institute interaction augmented through interdisciplinary content. The industry linkup is realized and sustained at every stage. Industry will be a partner in transforming engineering education and will partly fulfill its duty in meeting society’s needs. The...

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