Edward Cullen In The Twilight Saga

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Laying there in my dim and lonely bedroom I had finally finished reading the last tender sentences of the book and proceeded to close it. My mind was as a merry go round spinning around and around. I was on the ride and couldn’t seem to get down. Seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. Flooding throughout my body was a sense of loneliness; knowing he did not truly exist felt like a ton of bricks crashing down upon me. I now thought of myself as one of the thousand other crazed girls who felt exactly as I did after reading the Twilight Saga. Edward Cullen, how had this character truly impacted me to the point where I felt as a child being told Santa did not exist? Could my heart truly be this crushed by just another made-up fictional character? I could not grasp in my mind the feelings I had. His qualities had triggered a fantasy within my mind. It was as if not only the book had become a reality to me so had he.
Golden bright rings that gleam as they pierce through your soul; as beautiful as a sunset melting into the still black waters his pupils. Staring into them you could slip away into paradise. His face is pale marble lacking imperfection; flawless without a wrinkle or blemish. Those lips a soft pink full and supple enticing your flesh, and slowly drawing you in deeper with each and every word. Thick and dark his straight eyebrows give him a deep and mysterious expression. His thin stretched nose perfectly complements his strong jawline, and high cheek bones. Chocolate colored hair with fragments of sunburnt orange. His flowing locks are long enough to grasp within your hands; each strand soft and shiny. Wild and untamed his hair is like a tall never ending grass field. His body is like that of a Greek god. The appearance of his skin is milky and white like freshly fallen snow. Breathe taking and vibrant as shimmering diamonds when in the sun. Each chiseled feature seems as if it has been sculpted by man. The touch of his skin is cold ice; shooting chills throughout your body. He stands tall and sturdy like an impenetrable fortress that cannot be broken by anything or anyone. His every physical element had enhanced within my mind. My infatuation bloomed like a garden of flowers in spring, and Edward was my rain.
I sat there and thought to myself how I had become so emotionally absorbed into a series of novels. Edward wasn’t real but my feelings were. His nature had been what first sparked my interest. He was mysterious and inexplicable, yet his standoff nature made you want to know more. Edward sees himself as a monster a blood-sucking parasite. If being human again were an option he would eagerly make the change. Although he sees himself as a source of danger women view Edward in a different perspective. They are easily dazzled and seduced by his beauty, scent, and voice. Apart from being stubborn as a child and brooding he is also charming and compassionate. When it came to Bella he was as a lioness protecting her...

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