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"Edward Scissorhands" Is Much More Than Just An Amusing Story It Is A Social Commentary.

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Many people have enjoyed and laughed along the queer and strange tale of Edward Scissorhands. Yet, as amusing as it is, the story is just not a movie to make people laugh at the absurdities of the characters. It is more of a commentary which portrays how we isolate people just because they are different. Yes, we many deny this kind of behaviour in this world. But it is real- for example- Bullying.Picture this: A man with scissors for hands. He has scars all over his ghostly white face. His body has a skin of hard black material. His hair is wild. Is he a freak? To tell you the truth, I think he is just because of his appearance. But the movie makes the same scene. He is isolated because people only judge him of his appearance and they treat as a freak.Edward Scissorhands also exposes the fear of people to new cultures, races, social groups and the isolated people simple because they are different to 'normal' people. For example in one scene where Edward eats with the family, the whole family is staring, or just feeling awkward. They are acting like that not just because he is a stranger who is eating with them, but he is so different to the family -especially his hands.The film also expresses the need to not just judge people by their looks, but saying that if you go further into their heart, you would find gold. So it joins the 'beauty is not on the outside, but in the outside debate'. It is basically valuing not just beauty, but the beauty of your soul.An issue brought up in the film is also segregation in the community with different groups. It is almost like the olden days in United States where segregation between blacks and whites was common. Even though it does not show racial tension (it can be noticed that all the characters are Caucasian), it shows some groups are segregated and not part of the general community because of their difference. As a quote from one of the neighbours- "He's different... mysterious".It also uncovers just how absurdly knit suburbia is. In Edward Scissorhands, the neighbourhood does not really accept Edward Scissorhands to them because of his differences. It seems that the neighbourhood accepted him when Joyce started liking Edward and he was a part of the neighbourhood with his sculptures. But when he gets caught for helping Jim attempt to steal Jim's Dad's stereo equipment, he has a ruined reputation and the gap between him and the neighbourhood gets bigger and bigger until he is not accepted anymore. That is when he is a wanted man.Another social commentary in...

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