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My understanding of this quote is that all this spying that is done, whether via emails, texts, phone calls, security cameras, and etc is done for an individual's benefit. Also, I believe that what this quote has stated that this spying is not terrorism, is greatly true in my opinion. It is important to realize that this spying is technically economic spying because it will inform one country of how other countries run their economy and what resources they have present within their country. Also, it proves to other places and people around the world on how big one's military is and how much money is spent on it as a whole. Secondly, it is believed to be a way of social control because it ...view middle of the document...

We would also be able to get our voice heard whether we are against or in favor of a decision taken by the gov't or any other authority. Secondly, these actions that are taken aren't terrorism, however a way to get rid of terrorism. It is important to realize, that by using these legal programs, spying, and surveillance, we will be able to track down many more criminals than ever. This also reduces that chances of criminals being aware of them getting tracked down, so they do not change plans last minute, therefore we will be able to easily target them down. Moreover, throughout these programs we are not going to go over every single text, email, phone call history, and security cameras, however we will target words that lead to crime issues, such as "killing" or "terrorist group." These words will help narrow down to people that do seem suspects of crime or terrorism. Last but not least, this is a great way to advance your security because you'll be able to see more people around the world that will feel safe in their country. In addition, it will increase security standards and people will know that if anything wrong occurs people are watching and have proof and you can never be blamed for anything you've never done. Thus, these are the several reasons that draw me to that fact of agreeing with this quote.
The reasons I disagree with this quote are that these legal programs, legitimate spying, and mass surveillance aren't for our benefit. Firstly, this is a major way to invade our privacy. The gov't has to understand that they are the ones that have provided us with the benefit of freedom of privacy and now they are the ones invading them. It should be the individual's choice of whether they'd like people looking through their personal data or not and one way or another, this is a type of terrorism because you are invading the right of a person. Secondly, sometimes this type of spying reaches new heights. There is a line between spying on citizens to find out who is a terrorist and putting tabs on non-suspicious people, therefore the government should not be able...

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