Edward Snowden, Whistleblower Or Criminal, Or Maybe Both

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The United States of America is built upon the Bill of Rights and the First Amendment that states that everyone has personal freedom and the right to speak freely without filter; moreover, freedom implies privacy and recently the leaks made by Edward Snowden says that the NSA has been contracting an intelligence agency to intercept on electronic communications and been creating a disturbance in the world as it was also stated that NSA has also been intercepting contacts in China and Europe. These leaks certainly have made Snowden into a whistleblower and a criminal in the eyes of the NSA and the Americans who do not want to know that they are being spied on, also he has dissolved the flaws in the US constitution and has made a base from where America needs to fix.
Snowden can be identified as a criminal because he leaked confidential documents that had sensitive information about the NSA and the PRISM program. The documents leaked about the NSA shows that the NSA can spy on American electronic communications without any warrants and can keep that information for up to five years before being destroyed. This means that information of millions of innocent Americans are kept on file and can be used against them. NSA’s participation with public companies including but not limited to Microsoft, Google, etc. and the PRISM program that collects Internet usage and emails made by Americans is one way that the NSA has been spying on Americans. Snowden released a secret PowerPoint presentation revealing how the NSA trains authorized personal about PRISM. Apart of PRISM is the NSA’s commitment to Cellphone companies like Verizon and AT&T, where the NSA can snoop on the phone calls made by Americans and can gain intelligence from them.
Being a criminal isn’t the full story of Snowden as he is also a whistleblower because he released information of the NSA gaining intelligence of terrorists, and that the NSA is gaining intelligence from foreign land. The NSA’s high security levels on this information is really sensitive because with this information being open to the public gives less of a chance for these terrorists to be caught because they will find other venues to go down to get to where they want to be. If Snowden never leaked this information, then national security would be lower than how it is now. The files that Snowden leaked have been diffused throughout the world and can create a bigger problem for Snowden and the United States. These leaks of...

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