Edwin S. Porter, D. W. Griffith, And George Melies Film Techniques

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Edwin S.Porter
Edwin S. Porter contributed the following editing styles and techniques to film. He used a dissolve between every shot just and he frequently had the same action repeated across the dissolves. According to Filmrefrence.com “Edison Company’s new Vitascope projector in Indiana and California, and Porter worked with them as a projectionist in Los Angeles and Indianapolis. Later that year he went to work for Raff & Gammon in New York but left after the Edison Company broke with Raff & Gammon. He then toured with entertainers through the Caribbean as an exhibitor of motion pictures, and in early 1897 he helped build the projector at the Eden Musée”(Filmrefrence.com.2014).
Porter had 2 big movies he worked on does 2 where (life of an American fire man) and (the great train robbery). On The great train robbery Porter used cross-cutting editing method to show simultaneous action in different places. And the great train robbery had a running time of twelve minutes, with twenty separate shots and ten different indoor and outdoor locations. In the movie Life of an American Fireman Porter presents the same narratives where the fireman rescues a woman from a burning building as seen first from inside the building and then from camera setup outside the building. This duplication of event was a deviant use of editing, although other early films feature this kind of overlapping action. Porter also used parallel editing styles in the great train robber.

D.W. Griffith

D.W. Griffith contributed the following editing styles and techniques to film. Griffith used crosscutting techniques and combined it with shorter and more rapid shots, Griffith also used parallel editing to enhance the suspense of the sequence by continuously interrupting the progress of each line of action. Griffith also expanded the use of camera distance and camera placement. He also used longs shots and utilizing the natural light. Griffith also illustrated the use of shot selection in his films he made. He also felt when you bring the camera closer to the actors will allow the viewers to the emotions on the actors faces. Griffiths close up techniques presented the viewers of the film with off screen space.

According to American Masters “This "fifth zone of off-screen space" was used by Griffith to create anticipation and surprise within his films. Examples of this can be seen in Musketeers of Pig Alley (1912), where a plume of smoke comes into the frame from screen left prior to a main character's entrance in the shot, as well as at the end of the film where a payoff is made by a man off-screen in which only his hand is revealed”(americanmasters.com.2014). Griffith's use of a moving camera was also instrumental in the advancement of his films. He used the tilt, pan, and tracking shots, to give the viewer a more expansive look at a scene.

George Melies

George Melies contributed the following editing styles and...

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