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Eerie Grove Essay

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Few people used to believe in the legend of the Woodsmen. People only began believing once townsfolk began disappearing in the night. The story begins in 1864 with a settler family, named Lurch, buying land in a forest too old to have a name, only fearfully being called Twisted Tree Thicket by people living nearby. The Lurch family never believed in ghosts, spirits, zombies, or any other manner of supernatural nonsense. What they did believe in, however, was the surprisingly small price asked for the land.
After a long, dangerous trip across the country, the Lurch family’s small wooden wagon finally arrived in a small ramshackle town known as Butcher Creek. The head ...view middle of the document...

Surely some forest wouldn't scare a wild animal to death, Right?). The other animals that the townsfolk tried to integrate into the forest turned feral and had to be killed.
A few weeks later, the cabin was finally finished, and the Lurch family was packing their meager belongings, excited to finally move into their new home. As the last of the bags were loaded into the wagon, Markus was pulled aside by Maggie, The owner of the inn they had been staying at. From her, Markus once again received the rant about how evil that forest was, how the animals either died or turned feral, and that she would happily let them live in the inn she ran for free as long as they gave up on the house they were building. And along with the usual rant about the forest, Markus responded with his usual rant about how the forest can't be evil, and their is no such thing as angry spirits, ghosts, or anything else of the sort. After the umpteenth time being told about how bad the forest was during their stay at Butcher Creek, Markus was happy to finally be moving into his new cabin, and most of all, he was happy to prove that their was nothing evil about the forest.
Upon entering the clearing the Lurch's cabin was nestled on, the family was greeted with five nooses, each just the right size for one member of the family. Markus saw the nooses first and told with wife, named charlette, to move the kids into the covered part of the wagon as he cut the nooses down from his house. Just somebody trying to scare us, he thought, nothing big.
Having cut down the nooses, Markus and his family began unpacking their few personal belongings into their cabin. Markus sat on his bed, staring dismally at how little he actually owned. A few shirts, some pants, a couple pairs of socks, his grandfather's musket, and his own revolver were all that lay on his bed.
Even though the rest of his family had gone to sleep only minutes after they laid down, Markus couldn't sleep. Between the nagging feeling in the back of his mind, the ominous flickering of his lamp, the scratching on the side of his cabin, and the occasional snap of a twig and a grunt, his cabin made the perfect place to not sleep. Finally getting fed up, Markus took his revolver, walked outside, and shouted ,to no one in particular, that ghosts and spirits aren't real, and that if they kept up their incessant noise making around his house, he would chase them back to Butcher's Creek.
A few weeks passed and Markus had noticed both a decline in fog from the forest floor, and a sudden decrease of strange noises from the surrounding forest. Happy that he successfully proved the town wrong, Markus decided that he would go into town to gloat to the townsfolk as he picked up the weekly provisions for his family. Upon entering the Towns only general store, Dan Jarrow, a bright eyed man who inherited the store from his father, ran to the back of the store to grab the Lurch's usual order. "Been set upon by any angry spirits yet,...

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