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Effect Of Acid Rain On Pea Growth

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Effect of acid rain on Pea growth


Mostly everyone has heard about acid rain and knows it can cause damage to some extent. Normally rain water has a pH of 6.0. However acid rain is around 4.5 to 5.5. Acid has serious effects on plants and all sorts of things on earth. It can damage the roots of the plants causing stunted growth or even kill the plants.

The main causes of acid rain are the release of nitrogen and sculpture dioxide by factories.

Water vapor in the sky combines with these gases and turns into sulfuric or nitric acid. When it rains they are returned to the main land. Acid rain has a low pH which causes serious damage. Shenzhen is one of the places in China that has an average pH perception around 4.82.


This experiment is designed to find out whether the acid water will affect the peas growth or not. The acid I will be using is sulfuric acid which we have in our lab; however it is a highly concentrated acid with an 18 molar. Two other classmates also wanted to use sulfuric acid and we decided to use the same level of acid. We didn't get the acid level we wanted due the limitations of our lab equipment. In the end we have four different levels: a pH of 3.1, a pH of 4.25, a pH of 5.0 and a pH of 5.6

The reason I am using peas is because in the other science class they had already germinated the peas.

Research Question:

How does acid rain affect the growth of peas?


If the peas grow faster in a high range of pH, then acid rain does affect the growth of the peas.

Independent variable:

The independent variable is the acidity of the water used to water the plants.

Dependent variable:

The dependent variable is the rate of growth of the peas

Control variable:

The amount of water use, the amount of sunlight and it's the same peas


- 25 germinated peas
- 25 paper cups (approximately 7 cm tall)
- Soil required for 25 cups
- 4 bottles of�different levels of sulfuric acid (3.1pH, 4.25pH, 5.0pH, 5.6pH)
- Ruler (30 cm)


The 25 paper cups are prepared by filling the same amount of soil into each pot. Each pot is placed in a germinated pea.

The 25 paper cups are split it 5 groups, each group is labeled as A,� B, C, D and E respectively.

Each paper cup is filled 10g of soil

Each paper cup is added with 10 ml of tap water.�

1 ml of Sulfuric acid is added to the water in each beaker until the following conditions are obtained:

a. Group A will have a pH 3.0 sulfuric acid

b. Group B will have�a pH 4.25 sulfuric acid added
c. Group C will have�a pH of 5.0 sulfuric acid

d. Group D will have�a pH of 5.6 sulfuric acid

e. Group E will ONLY have�tap water

Step 5 and 6 happens every other day

The average height of the peas is measured every other day. It's shown at the table below

Quantitative Data:



Pea height (cm) Growth pH3.0 �(0.01)CM

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