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Effect Of Sporting Activities On Teenagers

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Teens participating in sport activities have become more active, however, this does not prevent them from staying out of trouble. These activities require lots of training and contain many games in the season. During the ages of thirteen to seventeen, many teens develop changes in their behavior and dreams of having their freedom. Teens who have behavior problems are affected the most and they would do drastic and dramatic things in these years. How does this relate to the argument that teens participating in sports still create trouble? Teens are unstable and unpredictable, which they may do unexpected things based on influences, emotions, and stress that surrounds them. For years, high schools have always had sports for teens to stay physically active, however, there could be problems that cause these teens to do troublesome and impulsive things such as hanging out with a bad group of friends, fighting with different teams, or using performance-enhancing drugs.
Having friends is the best part of being a high school student, but choosing the wrong kind of friends to hang out with could cause trouble in the future. They are at the age of wanting freedom, enjoying time with friends, being adventurous, and having relationships with opposite genders. During the teenage years, there will be growth developments in their body and chemicals such as testosterone or estrogen that can affect their feelings. These age groups rely on popularity and want a certain status that makes their friends praise them. Playing sports is a great way to make friends and many teens who play sports tend to be very popular among their peers. There is about fifty percent of high school students who are taking drugs and drinking alcohol. This increases the percentage that teens playing sports are most likely to have befriended more than one person affiliated with drugs and alcohol due to their popularity. Along with a bad group of friends there are many teen athletes that admire famous athletes because of their strong ability in that sport and popularity. These teens make other well-known athletes their role models so they can succeed just like them in the future, but not all things done by role models should be praised. For example, during the years of 1996 to 1997, there were 21 percent of NFL players who have had a criminal record for sexual assault, rape, or more crimes included (“Sports stars as role models?” 1). The percentage rate of crimes have increased over the years, making me believe that crimes committed by athletes in all sports have drastically increased as well. Using this source proves that teens playing a sport can have bad friends, and that dreams of becoming just like their sport role models may be just as troublesome as not having a teen participate in sports.
Most teens in sports despise the other teams and this sometimes causes uproars and fights. Sports such as football and basketball, requires a lot of time and hard work. Therefore, winning a game...

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