Effect Of Alcohol On Daphna Magna Bowling Green State University Bio 1010 Lab Report

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Monday 8:30
BIO 1010 Lab
Title: The effect of alcoholic waste pollution on Daphnia Magna
Introduction: Daphnia Magna a water flea, is the variable being tested in this experiment. Daphnia Magna is a small aquatic organism that is barely visible to the human eye, and lives in water. They are a popular source of fish food, and their decline in aquatic habitats may have detrimental effects on fish populations (Mbuthia 2014). D. Magna is also used to measure the toxicity of a chemical compound in water. The issue is Bowling Green Breweries Inc., is discharging their alcoholic waste into the Portage River; causing the Daphnia Magna to have a slowed reaction time. I hypothesized that the higher the amount of the alcoholic waste concentration the D. Magna was exposed too, then the slower the heart rate would be.
Materials and Methods: The experiment was set up in Life Sciences Building Room 222. I first grabbed a microscope, and then using a pipette, I squeezed out a fresh D. Magna specimen and placed it on a slide. Six different treatments of alcoholic waste were applied on six different specimens separately; comprising no alcoholic waste (control), 2%, 4%, 6%, 8%, and 10% alcoholic waste. After each application we let the D. Magna specimen sit for two minutes to ensure each specimen was evaluated at the same time to compare reaction levels. After each was set out for two minutes we then viewed the specimen under the lowest objective and...

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