Effect Of Catalese On Hydrogen Peroxide Science Lab

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Effect of Catalase on Hydrogen Peroxide 
Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), is a mildly poisonous substance as it is a strong oxidant formed by many living cells, for e.g. when they are damaged. Cells therefor must destroy it as soon as possible. The enzyme catalase breaks it down to harmless water and oxygen.


2H2O2 2H2O + O2
To see the reaction of catalase, and to examine what factors affect the rate of the reaction
It was hypothesized that the catalase would break down the hydrogen peroxide into water & oxygen
· 6 Large test tubes or vials spatula
· Measuring Cylinder
· 3% hydrogen peroxide
· Manganese dioxide (this is the catalase)
· Small spatula
· Small conical Flask
· pH paper
· Distillated water
· 0.1m acetic acid solution
· 0.1m ammonium hydroxide
· Ruler
· Matches
· Wooden Skewers
· Whole liver
· Ground Liver
· Boiled Liver
· Detergent or Liquid soap
· Ruler

Safety management 

Hydrogen peroxide 
  Glasses, Gloves

Manganese dioxide 
  Glasses, Gloves

0.1 M acetic acid solution  
  Glasses, Gloves

0.1M ammonium  
  Glasses, Gloves

Experiment 1. Organic catalyst 

1) Collect 4 clean test tubes

2) For each test tube record observations;

Test tube 1 
Test tube 2 
Test tube 3 
Test tube 4 

5ml distilled water
5ml hydrogen peroxide
5ml hydrogen peroxide
5ml hydrogen peroxide

3 drops detergent
3 drops detergent
3 drops detergent
3 drops detergent

5mm3 whole liver
5mm3 whole liver
5mm3 ground liver
5mm3 boiled liver

3) Feel the temperature of the test tube with your hand.
a)      Has the temperature increased or decreased

The temperature has increased

b)      Is the reaction endothermic or exothermic?

The reaction is Exothermic
4) Part 2 

a) In Tube 1— pH6

b)     In Tube 2 — pH8
5)    Rate of Reaction for: Acid

Almost no reaction
6)    Rate of Reaction for: Base

Base Temperature increased causing the fire to come back and the oxygen  
Experiment 2: Inorganic catalyst 
6.      Observe and record any results – record the here: 
Test Tube

Tube 1

Tube 2

Tube 3

Tube 4

Experiment 1 parts 1 and 2 
1)      Enter the results in a table  
2)      Draw a column graph of your results. 

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