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Effect Of Colours Of Plant Growth

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The investigation was completed over a period of a week for a wide range in the results to base experimental conclusions. From the primary data obtained, the pattern of the results supported the hypothesis and followed the trends of the theory discussed earlier and also the reflection spectra (Figure 2). The vertical growth of height table and graph (Table 1 & Figure 3) demonstrates the effects isolated colours of light have on the vertical growth of plants via mung beans. In the experiment of this investigation, vertical growth of the specimens of mung beans under the different colours of light was measured in response to time in days. From the results collected, all the values were ...view middle of the document...

99 range. This indicated that the growth of the plants was steady and any possible errors have not influenced the data. However, the low R2 value for yellow and green, in this case, does not mean errors, rather accuracy as it supports the theory on the effects of colours on plant growth.
Previous experiments conducted by researcher formed a generalised trend that the chlorophylls present in the plants were not as adept at capturing and using longer wavelengths of visible light (yellow), as they were at capturing the shorter wavelengths in the visible spectrum such as blue. This is contradictory of the generic action spectra because although the long wavelength such as yellow maybe harmful to plants, the red light, which is a longer wavelength, have shown potential in aiding the plant growth. In the trials conducted by the students in University of Delaware, the finding also followed the pattern and trend of the action in plants, and reflection spectra more clearly. This further validates the results and thus is credible.
The main interrelationship linking the variables of vertical growth and colours of light in this investigation is photosynthesis. The mung bean plants are known for the rate at which it germinates and grows and can be assumed that its growth is directly related to its photosynthetic action, since that is the plants’ only variable source of energy. Since all other environmental variables such as temperature and gravity were constant, it is also assumed that any indications of lack of exposure to light were directly related to and caused by, the photosynthetic action occurring within the mung bean specimen, and the photosynthetic pigments it contains.
Although five mung beans were planted in fertilized soil for more trials and attain firm conclusions, only one seed in each cup germinated and sprouted. Although, the values for each of the separate colours were only prepared once, this data still allows for a simple analysis continuing to support theory. The full spectrum light also known as the control variable in this investigation, shows the natural growth of the mung beans without any inference and was placed to compare. Due to the knowledge of the reflection spectra shown in Figure 2, the green light is useless for photosynthesis because most of the photosynthetic pigments in the plant are green (all chlorophylls) and thus would reflect green light and is detrimental for plant growth (UDEL 2014). Hence, it is justifies the results, green light was the most harmful in height and caused the death of the plant within 4 days of observation. Likewise, the yellow light on plants also caused similar effects. . The action spectra for the wavelengths of yellow shows that there is almost no photosynthetic activity, therefore the height of the plants maintained at the beginning and eventually died on the final day of observation. The...

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