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" Impact of Divorce on Children"What are the effects of divorce on children? To answer this it is necessary to examine the impact of divorce on children's mental health, their learning ability and relationships. The objective of this paper is to describe the effects of parental separation on children who are at different developmental stages and learning levels.Divorce can negatively effect children by giving them long-term stress and insecurity apparently giving them emotional distress that would last for a lifetime. "Some studies suggesting that a high proportion of children that are negatively affected by divorce are biased due to clinical samples that were drawn from families who were in therapy rather than from the general population. Wallerstein and Blakeless, for example, conducted a long term study of middle class children of divorced parents, and found that almost half of the children expressed long term stress and insecurity that adversely affected their work and social relationships. (Wallerstein J, Blakeless S. Second Choices - Men, Women and Children a Decade after Divorce. New York: Technor and Fields, 1989.)" (1). Evidence suggest that more often the children of the divorce families are engulfed with depression they experience moderate or severe depression, because they think that they are the primary cause of their parent's separation. The guilt felt by these children has long-term effects on them and it emerges at a time when they are trying to make their own decisions. This burden (depression) haunts them through out their life.Parental separation can make children less able learners by affecting their problem-solving capabilities and reading skills making them more likely to drop out of school. "In summary, 30% of the children in the present study experienced a marked decrease in their academic performance following parental separation, and this was evident three years later. Access to both parents seemed to be the most protective factor, in that it was associated with better academic adjustment. Moreover, data revealed that noncustodial parents (mostly fathers) were very influential in their children's development. These data also support the interpretation that the more time a child spends with the noncustodial parent the better the overall adjustment of the child. (Factors Associated with Academic Achievement in Children Following Parental Separation, L. Bisnaire, PhD; P. Firestone, PhD; D. Rynard, MA Sc American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 60(1), January, 1990)" (2). "On June 4, 2002, USA Today reported on a new study, 'which uses agovernment-sponsored database, examined nearly 10,000 adolescents at four points in time: at three years and at one year before the divorce, and one year and three years after it. The study finds that the psychological damage builds before the divorce and dissipates after it, but academic progress continues to weaken. The researchers, at Ohio State University, speculate that the children...

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Divorce and Its Impact on Children

960 words - 4 pages ] responsibility to fix it," (Harrar 53). Most children automatically feel guilty for what is happening between their parents. Immediately, children may think, "its all my fault! I have to do something!" However, the responsibility of the parents in this stage of the divorce relies heavily on assuring their children that the decision was made solely between mom and dad. "Tell your children two important things: 'Parents never divorce their children

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1143 words - 5 pages Disease Control and Prevention reported during the period of 2011, that out of every 1000 individuals, almost 3.6 individuals have experienced divorce (, 2013). Divorce does not only impact the couples who are being separated, it even impacts the children of the couples. Much emphasis has been paid to the harmful effects of divorce on the couples and their children, although this research will focus on both the harmful as well as positive

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1772 words - 7 pages Effects of Divorce on ChildrenIntroductionEach year, over 1 million American children suffer from the divorce of their parents according to statistics. The divorce rate has immensely increased over the past few decades, and the lives of children are affected by the change that has transpired in their home life. In today's society most people accept divorce as a way of life, completely unaware of the damage they are doing to their children

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2487 words - 10 pages different aspect that they have to adjust to when their parents get a divorce. The first main concern children go through is difficult times in school (Impact of Divorce). If the child moves to a different school due to the divorce, then the child must make new friends and start over. This can put emotional stress on a child that makes it hard for them to make new friends and having to explain why they are the new kid in town. If the child stays

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1098 words - 4 pages Reportedly Has on Children.” The Week. 28 Mar. 2013. Web. 03 July 2013. 3. Pickhardt, Carl. “The Impact of Divorce on Young Children and Adolescents.” Psychology Today. Web. 19 December 2011. 4. “Positive Effects of Divorce on Children.” Home and Family Ezine. www. Web. 23 January 2009. 5. “Positive Effects of Divorce on Children.”

Effects of divorce on children.

964 words - 4 pages more available, it is no wonder that there is a growing concern of how these children are being effected by divorce and what we can do to help them through the situation.When parents have agreed to divorce, they typically have been through a series of events that have led them to their decision. Whether or not the children are aware of this decision depends on the parent's behaviors and the children's experiences. For example, in some families

Effects of divorce on children

2235 words - 9 pages that girls are likely to be just as troubled by divorce as boys are, but demonstrate their feelings in a manner that is more appropriate to their sex role, namely by being anxious, withdrawn or very well behaved, (Kaslow and Schwartz p. 164).In examining the data on the factor of age influencing a child's adjustment to divorce, it seems that older and younger children at the time of separation experience different short term effects, but share

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2957 words - 12 pages married in the first place with only a fifty percent chance that it will last. They will joke that marriage is a life sentence and that the number one cause of divorce is being married; but divorce is not a joking matter. Those who have not witnessed or been involved in a divorce do not understand the impact it has on all those involved, no matter the age range, but particularly those who are in adolescence. In Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary of Law

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1709 words - 7 pages takes place, depends on how much traumathat child will endure. ""Social science research reveals that the effects of divorce not only impact a childinto adulthood, but they also affect the next generation of children as well."(Linaman)."There are three common effects on children, they are depression, behavior problems and economic hardship. The psychological effects are normally considered long term and the hardest to deal with for children

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2094 words - 9 pages times children that have parents who go through divorce are mentally and emotionally unstable. Children that have parents who are divorced or who are in the process of going through a divorce respond and react differently. There are four major effects that divorce has on a child: stress, risk, resilience, and painful memories with ongoing worries (Emery). Most children do not want to see their parents' marriage end in a divorce unless there is major

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1390 words - 6 pages anxiety or resentment from kids towards divorced parents seem to impact not only themselves but their relationships with their parents. The effect of divorce on parent-child relationships have long lasting consequences when it comes to children bonding with parents once they have reached their teenage years. Even if some children who do not remember their parents’ divorce tend to be more anxious with their parents. A study conducted by Vélez

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4082 words - 16 pages , J., (2008). Coping with Divorce. No page Demo, D. & Acock, A. (1988). The Impact of Divorce on Children .Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 50, No. pp. 619-648 . National Council on Family Relations Hines, Alices. (1997) Divorce-Related Transitions, Adolescent Development, and the Role of the Parent-Child Relationship: A Review of the Literature. Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 59, No. 2 . pp. 375-388. National Council on Family